Prince Andrew ‘throwing a fit’ as Charles prepares to throw him out of Royal Lodge

King Charles is reportedly being forced to take an action against his disgraced brother, Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew ‘throwing a fit’ as Charles prepares to throw him out of Royal Lodge 

Prince Andrew is reportedly “throwing a fit” as King Charles is considering removing him from Royal Lodge amid renewed sex scandal.

However, Charles throwing Andrew out of the luxury mansion is not a “punishment,” an insider said, adding, “Charles simply can no longer justify Andrew living in a 30-room house in all that splendor when he’s no longer a working royal.”

Speaking with Life & Style, the royal insider further said that Charles is offering Andrew Frogmore Cottage, previous residence of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

“Charles feels he’s being more than gracious by allowing Andrew to take up residence there,” the insider said before saying of Andrew that he still does not accept the allegations against him.

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“He continues to deny he did anything wrong and says he knew nothing about these events,” they added with the source commenting, “He’s still acting like he’s a victim.”

The source continued: “He believes his settlement with Virginia should’ve closed the lid on this case, and he feels aggrieved that it didn’t.”

Meanwhile, his ex-wife and mother of his kids, Sarah Fergusan, is standing by him. “Fergie supports Andrew and thinks he’s been treated unfairly by the press and the royal family,” the source said.

And his daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie “refuse to believe their dad did these things. They admit he’s not a saint, but they say he’s not a pedophile either. It’s like they’re walking around with blinders on.”

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