Home Health Here is what you can do to save your dog from choking to death

Here is what you can do to save your dog from choking to death

Here is what you can do to save your dog from choking to death


Distinguishing when a dog is choking from conditions like reverse sneezing is vital

If your choking dog is conscious, it may not be safe to do a finger sweep of his mouth, but it’s the first thing you should do if he loses consciousness.—whole-dog-journal 

When facing a situation no dog owner wants to encounter, knowing how to handle a choking dog is crucial, Pets Radar reported.

True choking is a distressing event demanding immediate intervention to avert severe consequences. Distinguishing it from conditions like reverse sneezing is vital, with signs including an inability to breathe, high-pitched noises, pacing, pawing at the mouth, blue-tinged gums, retching, and drooling.

Rules of first aid

Adhering to the rules of first aid, prioritise your safety, establish an airway, check circulation, and commence appropriate treatment. Maintain composure to provide effective help and support.

Don’t panic

In the initial moments, resist panic; assess if it’s genuine choking, not severe coughing. If confirmed, cautiously attempt to open the mouth, ensuring your safety from potential bites.

Examine mouth

Examine the mouth for any obstruction, but refrain from attempting removal if bitten or if it risks pushing the object deeper. Partial removal to allow airflow grants some time, but immediate professional assistance is imperative.

Use gravity 

If manual efforts fail, tilt the dog upside down to dislodge the object through gravity. If unsuccessful, proceed to the Heimlich manoeuvre, involving abdominal compression behind the rib cage or upward pressure on the abdomen.

Checks after removal

Successful removal should be followed by thorough checks to ensure no residual blockage. If distress persists, or signs reoccur after removal, urgent veterinary attention is paramount. Swift intervention increases the chances of recovery, as prolonged oxygen deprivation may lead to brain and lung damage.

How to prevent a dog from choking?

Preventive measures include eliminating choking hazards, avoiding certain foods, discarding packaging properly, and staying informed about toxic substances. Regular health checks and vaccinations contribute to overall well-being and early detection of potential issues.

While accidents can’t be entirely avoided, responsible pet care significantly reduces risks, fostering a safe and healthy environment for your furry companion.


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