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Have you seen aliens? Survey exposes Americans’ queer beliefs

Have you seen aliens? Survey exposes Americans’ queer beliefs


37% of surveyed Americans entertain the idea that aliens may already be among us, blending seamlessly into society

Representational image of SPACE WORLD, Kitakyusyu, Japan. — Unsplash

Ever wondered if your boss might have cosmic secrets hidden beneath their mundane exterior? 

Could your boss be an alien in disguise?

A recent survey conducted by Talker Research on behalf of WealthofGeeks.com takes you on a journey into the speculative minds of Americans, revealing a tapestry of beliefs, skepticism, and quirky musings regarding the existence of extraterrestrial life among us.

Out of the 1,000 surveyed Americans, a substantial 37% entertain the notion that aliens are silently cohabiting with us on Earth. The survey explores the diverse landscape of beliefs, with 41% firmly rejecting the idea and an additional 22% remaining suspended in uncertainty. 

Gender nuances also emerge, as 56% of men express a leaning towards belief compared to 49% of women.

Injecting a dose of whimsy into the cosmic contemplations, the survey playfully explores suspicions about potential extraterrestrial beings in participants’ lives. Surprisingly, 39% point fingers at their current bosses, envisioning a scenario where the person in charge might be more extraterrestrial than meets the eye. 

Adding to the whimsicality, a third of respondents extend this playful speculation to certain celebrities, questioning whether fame might be a clever disguise for an otherworldly origin.

The survey doesn’t merely orbit around belief or skepticism; it references real-world instances that have fueled discussions around extraterrestrial phenomena. From reported 10-foot tall ‘aliens’ in Brazil to disputed ‘extraterrestrial’ corpses in Peru and the tourist board of Kentucky beaming messages to space, the survey immerses readers in a narrative of perpetual fascination with the unknown.

While belief in the existence of aliens stands at 53%, 34% maintain a skeptical stance. Men, by a marginal majority, seem more open to the idea, aligning with the global curiosity surrounding extraterrestrial phenomena.

Navigating the hypothetical scenario of official alien contact, the survey reveals that 43% express confidence in current world leaders representing Earth. Intriguingly, a notable 42% believe in their personal ability to secure peace if chosen to negotiate with extraterrestrial life.


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