Home Lifestyle I have never thought too much about my looks: Yumna Zaidi | The Express Tribune

I have never thought too much about my looks: Yumna Zaidi | The Express Tribune

I have never thought too much about my looks: Yumna Zaidi | The Express Tribune


After garnering acclaim for her acting on the small screen, Pakistani actor Yumna Zaidi finally made an exciting feature film debut with Nayab. A story charting the ambitions and struggle of a young woman determined to become a successful cricketer, Yumna’s performance has delighted fans and audiences.

Remarking on Nayab and what the project means to her, the actor sat down for a candid interview with BBC Urdu. As per Yumna, the film’s story prompted an easy yes for her given its focus on a woman’s ordeal. “This film shows the life of a struggling girl, who wants to become a cricketer and she struggles a lot to become a cricketer,” the celeb briefly explained the plot.

She furthered on, “There is a boy in her life but she thinks that she can struggle to fulfill her dreams or get married at the right time considering the tradition of the society. After seeing all this, I felt that if I do something on the silver screen, it should be something like this.”

Talking about this, Yumna said that the romantic scenes shown in Tere Bin have been shown on the screen before but the intensity of emotions was less. In Tere Bin, because the characters were new, the storytelling was new, the direction was new, the screen was new but the feeling of love and fighting was all old.

For several consecutive years, Yumna’s name has become synonymous with excellence in the Best Actress category. However, in an unprecedented turn of events, the talented actor was honoured with two awards simultaneously for her outstanding contributions to the industry.

Her notable performance in last year’s hit drama serial Tere Bin, where she shared the screen with Wahaj Ali, received widespread acclaim. The chemistry between the two actors was so palpable that the announcement of the second season, featuring them once again, was met with anticipation from fans.

Remarking on how the first season ventured into uncharted territories for Pakistani TV, showcasing romantic scenes that resonated with audiences, Yumna contended that romantic scenes of a similar nature have been portrayed on screen before. However, the intensity in Tere Bin was markedly different due to new characters, a new way of storytelling and direction.

Addressing the desire for certain scenes, Yumna responded, “Some people complain that there should have been a hug scene. If there is a need for a particular scene, it will be done.” Switching gears to her film debut in Nayab, she shared insights into her approach to the role. 

Known for her simplicity, she clarified, “I have never thought too much about my looks as to how I should look in any role.” For Nayab, she deliberately embraced a non-glamourous aesthetic, ensuring her character felt authentic. Yumna’s versatility was further highlighted when glimpses of the ‘announcement shoot’ for the drama serial Tere Bin surfaced, showcasing her in Western attire. 

Reacting to the feedback, she expressed, “I like people’s feedback on everything I do. If people want to see me in different outfits, it is fine.” Discussing the rigourous preparation for her film role, Yumna revealed, “Waking up at six, seven in the morning and going to the gym, practicing cricket. Tried and worked hard to play the role of a cricketer in a good way.” She emphasised the importance of physical fitness, acknowledging the demanding nature of her debut film.

Looking ahead, Yumna expressed optimism about her upcoming drama serial, Gentleman, opposite Humayun Saeed. Describing the role as ‘difficult’ and ‘dangerous,’ she hopes to recreate the on-screen chemistry that audiences have loved in her previous collaborations.

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