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Pilot’s £50,000 blunder leaves British Airways shocked

Pilot’s £50,000 blunder leaves British Airways shocked


Mere seconds before take-off, captain mistakenly activated emergency slide, causing chaos among passengers and £50,000 dent to British Airways


A British Airways aeroplane taxis on the runway at Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5 in west London, on September 13, 2019. — AFP

British Airways faced an unexpected setback as flight BA886, en route to Romania, experienced a significant delay due to an unconventional blunder by the captain. 

The £50,000 mishap unfolded mere seconds before take-off when the captain mistakenly activated the emergency slide, causing chaos among passengers and financial repercussions for the airline.

Saturday morning saw passengers patiently seated, anticipating a routine departure. However, the captain’s accidental activation of the inflatable escape slide led to hours of delay and a considerable financial dent for British Airways.

Responding promptly, emergency services were dispatched to Gate 24E at Heathrow around 9:55 am, where the BA886 flight was poised for departure. 

The captain, promptly relieved of flying duties, left passengers stranded for over three hours, awaiting an alternative aircraft and pilot.

The origin of this unexpected turn of events lay in the captain’s failure to disarm the plane door after passing documents to the crew. Properly disarming the door would have prevented the deployment of the emergency slide, averting the subsequent complications.

A source, speaking to The Sun, expressed bewilderment, saying, “This is beyond a rookie error. It’s totally baffling to understand.”

The incident not only inconvenienced passengers but also prompted scrutiny of cockpit crew training and protocols. Both British Airways and Heathrow have been approached for official comments on the incident.

As investigations unfold, questions regarding cockpit protocols and the rigorous training required for safe navigation through the skies come to the forefront.

The aviation community now contemplates the intricacies of this unexpected incident, while affected passengers share their reflections. One passenger succinctly captured the sentiment, saying, “It was certainly an experience I won’t forget anytime soon.”


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