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Seth Meyers Tackles the Supreme Court’s Trump Hearing

Seth Meyers Tackles the Supreme Court’s Trump Hearing


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On Thursday, the Supreme Court heard arguments over removing former President Donald Trump from the ballot in Colorado because of a clause banning officials who engaged in insurrection from running for office.

Trump didn’t appear at the hearing, but he gave a radio interview from Mar-a-Lago, in which Seth Meyers said that “without any sense of irony or self-awareness,” Trump “claimed it would be an attack on democracy to remove him from the ballot for attacking democracy.”

“That’s what you did. That’s why this case is happening in the first place. It’s like if O.J. had gotten up in court and said, ‘If you put me in jail, you’ll be murdering my freedom!’” — SETH MEYERS

“After interviewing Biden multiple times, the special counsel described the president as having ‘diminished faculties,’ and said he presents himself as ‘a sympathetic, well meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.’ Hoo, boy. But it does explain those yard signs: ‘Biden 2024: Now hang on, what’d I come out to this yard for?’” — STEPHEN COLBERT, on President Biden being cleared by a special counsel after “willfully” retaining classified material

“It’s pretty embarrassing for Biden. But, on the bright side, he’ll forget about it five minutes later.” — JIMMY FALLON

“So, if you’re in a fantasy league for presidential indictments, it’s still Trump, 91; every other president ever, zero.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

On Thursday, Jimmy Kimmel responded to Nikki Haley stealing his “Mean Tweets” bit.


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