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While fans continue to await the release of Yumna Zaidi’s big screen debut Nayab on January 26, one highlight of the upcoming film has been the cast’s fashion statements while promoting the film. Zaidi’s co-star Usama Khan has easily garnered attention for displaying an acute sense of style with funky, streetwear fits.

From pairing up a casual yellow jacket and pants with a white turtleneck to a glam pastel teal on a black embossed long coat, many followers of men’s fashion in Pakistan are appreciating Usama’s experimentation with colours and cuts. However, celebrity fashion stylists Tabesh Khoja and Rao Ali Khan are not too impressed.

After a local media outlet shared an Instagram post praising Usama’s recent fashion looks as “the fresh face and hip hero Lollywood was waiting for,” the actor’s admirers took to the replies to relay their resounding agreement. The post commends Usama for “bringing a wave of charisma to the silver screen.” 

Citing his disapproval, Khoja put his critical two cents in the replies with a sardonic “Matlab kuch bhi,” calling the post’s appreciation of Usama far-fetched. The stylist completed the dismissive reply was a rolling eyes emoji further underscoring how unimpressed he was.

Rao seemed to hold a similar sentiment and slammed the actor’s style as “Govinda and Ranveer Singh rebranded in China.” Screengrabs of these replies have begun circulating on the microblogging platform X (formerly Twitter) with both fashion aficionados and fans of Usama slamming Rao and Khoja for trolling the actor.

One user wrote, “Why are Khojji and Rao Ali Khan being mean girls? Are they some gatekeepers of fashion? Usama Khan feels good and looks good then what’s their problem? God, I hate these snotty stylists.”

According to another X user, “Usama literally went out of the box for promotions and played with different colours which was a good exploration. These two should get off their phones and better pay attention to their jobs which they are horrendous at by the way.”

“I think they’re more pissed that it’s Usama, who according to them is a nobody, being given this title,” mused one supporter. Another post commended the actor for his innovative style, adding, “Usama had such a fun, youthful, funky styling I’ve seen in a bit, especially from a Pakistani male celebrity! It was experimental, risky and I loved it!”

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