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Indian rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh recently sat down for an interview with RJ Tayyab Arshmaan in Dubai, where he extended heartfelt gratitude to his Pakistani fans for their unwavering love and support. During the conversation, Honey Singh also revealed a personal connection to Lahore, expressing his desire to visit the city where his forefathers hailed from.

The chart-topping artist, when asked to convey a message to his Pakistani admirers, relayed forth his appreciation, saying, “I would just say that keep loving me and supporting me like this.” He went on to express his gratitude for the immense affection he receives from his Pakistani audience.

Adding a personal touch to the interaction, the rapper shared his familial ties to Lahore. The artist also expressed a heartfelt desire to explore his family’s heritage by visiting Lahore, emphasising that if the opportunity arises, he would like to pay his respects at Nankana Sahib and meet his fans in the city. 

“Whenever I get to visit Pakistan, should it be in my fate – my forefathers were from Lahore – I’d like to visit Lahore, go to Nankana Sahib to pay my respect, and meet you all,” he disclosed. This revelation sparked interest among fans as they learned about the rapper’s ancestral roots.

Honey Singh’s comments have resonated with fans on both sides of the border, fostering a sense of connection and shared history through the rapper’s acknowledgement of his familial roots in Lahore. As fans eagerly await future developments, Honey Singh’s expressions of gratitude and cultural ties continue to strengthen the bond between the artist and his diverse fan base.

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