Home Sports LeBron James snaps at media for criticising Joel Embiid injury

LeBron James snaps at media for criticising Joel Embiid injury

LeBron James snaps at media for criticising Joel Embiid injury


Embiid, who is currently dealing with a left meniscus injury, has been criticised for missing several games

This combination of images shows Los Angeles Lakers power forward LeBron James (left) and Philadelphia 76ers centre Joel Embiid. — Reuters/File

Los Angeles Lakers’ power forward LeBron James is calling out the media in defence of the Philadelphia 76ers’ centre Joel Embiid after he became the centre of a discussion for seemingly “ducking” the Nuggets and their centre Nikola Jokic in a nationally televised game last Saturday.

Even though Embiid, who hasn’t played in Denver since 2019, warmed up before the game, he ultimately had to withdraw due to a knee injury.

He received criticism for missing the following game on Tuesday and the team was also fined $75,000 for not listing him on the injury report, The New York Post reported.

Embiid is now dealing with a left meniscus injury and James took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to play defence.

“Where are all the media outlets, tv media personalities, hot takes that talked so much [poop emoji] about Joel Embiid about missing those games when he knew what he was dealing with,” James wrote.

“Now he’s out with an injury because of it. Not 1 person has went back on tv or their dumbass podcast and apologized to that MAN!! No accountability.”

Despite not having Embiid in the lineup last weekend, the Sixers faced the Nuggets 111-105 last weekend, losing to a full squad led by Jokic.

However, on Thursday, the Sixers without Embiid defeated the Jazz in Utah 127-124, thanks to Tyrese Maxey’s 51-point explosion.

The team is currently 4-9 without the 2022-23 MVP lineup, with the duration and extent of Embiid’s injury still unclear.


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