Home World ‘Dead man’ comes back to life on his way to cremation

‘Dead man’ comes back to life on his way to cremation

‘Dead man’ comes back to life on his way to cremation


80-year-old’s body was being taken to his home when ambulance hit pothole and his grandson noticed his hand moving

Image shows a doctor examining Darshan Singh Brar —NDTV/file

An Indian man, who was declared dead by a hospital in Haryana, came back to life on his way for his last rites, NDTV reported on Friday.

Declared dead by doctors, 80-year-old Darshan Singh Brar’s body was being taken in the ambulance to his home in Karnal from Patiala when the car hit a pothole and Brar’s grandson noticed his hand moving on sensing a heartbeat.

He asked the ambulance driver to head to the nearest hospital where the doctors said that he was alive. 

Brar’s family and friends had already gathered at his home, food had been prepared for the mourners, and wood had been prepared for cremations when the ambulance hit the pothole.

After finding out about Brar being alive, everyone gathered and congratulated his family.

“My brother in Patiala informed us around 9 am on Thursday about our grandfather’s death, and he was getting him to Nising in an ambulance for his last rites,” Brar’s grandson, Balwan Singh, told the reporters. 

“We had informed our relatives and other residents who knew him and they had already gathered to mourn his passing. A tent had been set up and food had also been arranged for the mourners. We had also got wood for the cremation.

The doctors there referred him to another hospital where he was later taken. 

Darshan Singh is still critical and is in the intensive care unit (ICU). The doctors said: “His breathing is laborious because he has an infection in his chest.”


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