Home World Martyrdom anniversary of Kashmiri leader Maqbool Butt observed

Martyrdom anniversary of Kashmiri leader Maqbool Butt observed

Martyrdom anniversary of Kashmiri leader Maqbool Butt observed


Moot calls for repatriation of bodies of martyred Kashmiri leaders Muqoob Butt and Afzal Guru

The Unity of Kashmir conference marks the anniversary of Maqbool Butt Shaheed. — reporter 

DALLAS: The Unity of Kashmir conference marked the anniversary of Baba-e-Qaum (Father of the Nation) Maqbool Butt Shaheed in Austin, Texas. 

The event, oragnised by JKNA, attracted political and social leaders, including prominent figures such as Palestinian leader Hasan Ali and human rights representative Rae Zafar Iqbal. The conference addressed various aspects related to the Kashmir issue.

The attendees passionately called for the repatriation of the bodies of Muqoob Butt Shaheed and Afzal Guru Shaheed to their heirs. They advocated for the release of political prisoners, notably Yasin Malik, a symbol of resistance currently held in Tihar Jail. The conference also emphasised the need for global intervention to halt the tragic events unfolding in Palestine, urging the international community to play an active role.

A speaker is addressing the Unity of Kashmir conference. — reporter
A speaker is addressing the Unity of Kashmir conference. — reporter 

The demands of the ongoing popular movement in Kashmir were reiterated, highlighting the importance of fulfilling these aspirations. Among these demands were calls for India and Pakistan to withdraw their forces from the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Additionally, there was a proposal to redirect the arms and defense budget towards addressing poverty, ignorance, bankruptcy, and terrorism in the region.

A notable suggestion that echoed through the conference was the idea of an Asian Union, drawing parallels to the European Union. 

The speakers envisioned an independent Kashmir within an Asian Union, fostering cooperation and friendship between India, Pakistan, and China. This concept was seen as a potential avenue for peace and increased trade in the region.

The event featured distinguished speakers, including Raja Muzaffar, Sardar Anwar Advocate, Javed Aslam, Sardar Imtiaz, Sajjad Asghar, Safir Khan, Shazia Kamran, Tariq Advocate, Rizwan Aslam, Hasnain Sagheer, and the original Khan, each contributing to the discourse on the future of Kashmir and its relation to the broader geopolitical landscape.

The conference aimed to generate awareness, garner support for the Kashmir cause, and explore avenues for lasting peace and cooperation in the region.


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