Home World WATCH: Woman clinging onto dognapper’s vehicle goes viral

WATCH: Woman clinging onto dognapper’s vehicle goes viral

WATCH: Woman clinging onto dognapper’s vehicle goes viral


A video showing Ali Zacarias clinging to the hood of her dog Onyx’s dognappers. — X/@theinformantofc

A Southern California woman, Ali Zacarias, was filmed clinging to the hood of a car which she claims was being driven by a dognapper who stole her French Bulldog, Onyx.

The incident occurred on January 18 when Zacarias was eating outside a Whole Foods in Downtown Los Angeles when a woman walked by, grabbed Onyx’s leash and walked away, she revealed.

Onyx’s owner sprang into action and ran after the thieves, who got into their car to drive away. She tried to stop them, and that’s when she ended up on the hood of the car, NBC News reported.

“It’s hard to have him ripped away from you,” Zacarias explained. “I wasn’t willing to just let him go. My last resort was to stand in front of the car and tell them not to go.

“And they drove right into me, and it pushed me onto the hood and I just wasn’t going to leave the car at that point and I held on, and they took off.”

She said three women and a man were inside the vehicle.

Zacarias eventually rolled off of the car when the driver swerved, sustaining minor injuries.

She expressed her gratitude for the media’s attention to her video as it has made the police take her case seriously.

She offers a reward and a plea for her dog’s safe return.

“Please just sell him back to us at this point, like we don’t care about anything except getting him back,” Zacarias said. “So we’re not looking to press charges, all we’re looking to do is recover, you know our baby.”


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