Bradley Cooper, Carey Mulligan open up about ‘Dramatic’ first meeting

During the promotion of their Oscar-tipped biopic, Bradley Cooper and Carey Mulligan share an unusual medical moment

Bradley Cooper and Carey Mulligan open up about their ‘Dramatic’ first meeting 

The talented duo of Bradley Cooper and Carey Mulligan graced the stage of The Graham Norton Show on Friday, to talk about their romance musical, Maestro.

During the interview Cooper, 49, revealed that their first meeting led them to the emergency room and explained, “Carey was in a one-woman show, and I went backstage to meet her and realized something was not right and I insisted on taking her to the emergency room”.

To which Mulligan replied, “During the show, a bit of set hit me on the head, I carried on but when it was over, I started crying and thought I was a goner. I was sobbing on the floor when Bradley turned up and, realizing I wasn’t okay, he took me to hospital.”

To sum up, The Great Gatsby star made a playful remark, “You can imagine how delighted the nurse was!”

Cooper and Mulligan, both nominated for Oscars, had known each other for years but the Netflix biopic Maestro will be their first project together. The story revolves around American conductor Leonard Bernstein, and his relationship with actress Felicia Montealegre, causing a stir in their lives. 

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