Home Entertainment Early reactions hail ‘Dune’: ‘Visual triumph’

Early reactions hail ‘Dune’: ‘Visual triumph’

Early reactions hail ‘Dune’: ‘Visual triumph’


Early reactions hail ‘Dune’: ‘Visual triumph’

After delivering a hugely successful first installment, director Denis Villeneuve is set to repeat the hit recipe with Dune’s sequel, according to first reactions.

The upcoming film which was originally scheduled to release last November will continue the story from the first installment, where the lead actor Timothée Chalament’s Paul Atreides teams up with the Fremen to seek justice for his family’s destruction.

Amid the delay, Warner Bros. and Legendary added more months into the release due to the SAG-AFTRA strike.

Writing about the film, one critic said, “Blown away by #DunePartTwo. Found it even more immersive, tactile and emotional than Part One. The clarity, heft and scale of the action is staggering.”

Adding, “For me, the whole occupies a rarified place alongside The Lord of the Rings as the definitive version of a seminal text.”

Another added, “#DunePartTwo is an audio/visual triumph on par with (relatively speaking) ‘John Wick 4’ or ‘Avatar 2’. Strong performances, some clever action beats but, like DUNE 1, it’s a 2.5-hour film that mostly runs out of story at the 90-minute mark and jogs in place til the climax.“

In the meantime, Dune 2 is set to hit the cinemas on March 1.


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