Jon Bon Jovi gets candid about his vocal cord injury

Jon Bon Jovi expresses that he is ‘ready’ to talk about his vocal cord surgery and his recovery

Photo: Jon Bon Jovi gets candid about his vocal cord injury

Jon Bon Jovi recently opened up about his vocal surgery.

Appearing on Hulu‘s panel for the new docuseries Thank You, Good Night in Pasadena, the singing sensation declared, “I pride myself on having been a true vocalist.”

He went on to explain his passion for singing by saying, “I’ve sung with Pavarotti. I know how to sing.”

“I’ve studied the craft for 40 years. I’m not a stylist who just barks and howls. I know how to sing,” he insisted.

Jon also addressed his initial thoughts on the vocal cord injury and said, “So when God was taking away my ability, and I couldn’t understand why, I jokingly have said the only thing that’s ever been up my nose is my finger, you know, so there’s no reason for any of this.”

“So the strong one was pushing the weak one aside, and I wasn’t singing well,” he continued.

“So, my craft was being taken from me,” he maintained before mentioning the surgeon who help him get his voice back via a “cutting-edge implant,” and moved on to another topic. 

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