King Charles did ‘sweet’ thing for Kate Middleton before his surgery: Report

King Charles and Queen Camilla sweetly check up on Kate Middleton before surgery

King Charles and Queen Camilla reportedly visited Kate Middleton ahead of His Majesty’s surgery in a sweet gesture.

Their Majesties ensured they checked up on daughter-in-law Kate as Charles headed for his own surgery for enlarged prostrate.

The news has been revealed by Angela Levin in a conversation GB News on Monday (January 29): “It’s very sweet that they went to see Catherine at 8.45 when he arrived for the operation on Friday.”

After the King’s surgery, Camilla visited the hospital multiple times to be there for her husband.

The author said: “It’s very touching that Camilla’s ignored all the protocol – that you don’t go with your husband [into hospital] if he’s a king or you’re a queen – and has been to visit him several times.

“Three times on the first day, two on the Saturday and yesterday twice as well. She wants to sit there and be with him.”

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