King Charles faces a fresh setback after cancer diagnosis

King Charles has officially met with another fresh setback following his cancer diagnosis

King Charles faces a fresh setback after cancer diagnosis

Experts warn King Charles has now met another setback following his cancer diagnosis.

All of this has been shared by royal commentator Sarah Vine.

She broke her silence over everything in a candid piece for The Daily Mail.

The conversation began when she touched on the star power of Kate Middleton and the impact of her absence on the Firm.

In the eyes of Ms Vine, “It also doesn’t help that the Princess of Wales is herself convalescing after an operation for an unspecified illness.”

While “she may not be the royal who racks up the most official engagements (after all, she does have three young children to care for), but her undeniable star quality is an invaluable asset.”

“Plus Prince William will inevitably feel the need to spend more time with her and their children – which will make him less able to take on some of his father’s duties while he recovers,” she also added.

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“But what really makes this latest setback so frustrating is the fact that (against the expectations of many) it was all going so well.”

However, she also hailed the King and added, “Not only was the Coronation a triumph, King Charles has somehow managed to navigate the not inconsiderable challenges of dealing with his brother Andrew’s ongoing s** scandal and his youngest son’s behaviour with almost zen-like calm and fortitude.”

“And yet despite these tribulations – which also greatly afflicted the Queen in her final days and months – Charles has begun to carve out his own identity as King; an identity built very much on the same principles as those of his late mother – duty, constancy, kindness, compassion – and deeply respectful of her legacy (as it should be); but framed by his own life experiences and passions.”

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