King Charles gets sweet advice related to Prince William’s future role amid calls for abdication

King Charles was officially crowned as British monarch in May last year, Prince William is heir to the throne

King Charles gets sweet advice related to Prince William’s role amid calls for abdication

Britain’s King Charles has been advised that the monarch should consider sharing more responsibilities with Prince William and ‘beloved daughter-in-law’ Kate Middleton amid growing calls for abdication.

Speaking to GB News, US journalist Lee Cohen has said that Prince William and Kate Middleton are doing an ‘excellent job’ already.

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He told host Mark Dolan that the Prince and Princess of Wales are very good ambassadors for the United Kingdom. “Charles has only stepped into the role after waiting a lifetime.

“I would hate to see any diminution of his duties and responsibilities. He came to the throne at the age of 73, making him the oldest person ever to assume the throne.”

The royal commentator further says, “His mother, I believe was 26 when she took the throne, so he’s got a much shorter runway and trajectory.”

He continued, “Age being what it is, perhaps he has less energy and he may seek to share some of the responsibilities, which wouldn’t be a terrible thing.”

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Lee Cohen remarks came as King Charles is facing growing calls to abdicate and handover the crown to his elder son and heir to throne Prince William.

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