Netflix boss promises ‘Narnia’ fans big spectacle

Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos says upcoming ‘Narnia’ will be bigger and better on the platform

Netflix boss promises ‘Narnia’ fans big spectacle

Netflix is set to tell fables of Narnia, and its CEO Ted Sarandos hyped up the upcoming adaptation, saying it will be much bigger and bolder than previously imagined.

In a chat with TIME, the head honcho said, “It won’t be counter to how the audience may have imagined those worlds, but it will be bigger and bolder than they thought.”

In addition, the executive praised Barbie filmmaker Greta Gerwig — who will helm — the fantasy project, calling her an “incredible visionary.”

As for the director, she told the magazine, “It’s connected to the folklore and fairy stories of England, but it’s a combination of different traditions. As a child, you accept the whole thing — that you’re in this land of Narnia, there’s fauns, and then Father Christmas shows up.”

She continued, “It doesn’t even occur to you that it’s not schematic. I’m interested in embracing the paradox of the worlds that Lewis created because that’s what’s so compelling about them.”

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