San Antonio to ring in St Patrick’s Day with green river, parades

It’s an opportunity to witness a blend of local culture and Irish traditions in a vibrant public display

People dressed in St Patrick’s Day outfits join a parade on a float across the San Antonio River Walk. — Visit San Antonio

San Antonio’s Alamo City is preparing for a festive St Patrick’s Day celebration which will kick off with the dyeing of the River Walk green and will feature Irish-themed parades, live entertainment, vendors and more.

According to KSAT, the annual river-dyeing tradition that dates back to 1968 will be carried out on March 16 and 17 when 25 gallons of eco-friendly green dye will be poured into the San Antonio River,  to celebrate the Irish holiday.

According to the tourism website, Visit San Antonio, eco-friendly dye will be dispersed on a barge, featuring a bagpiper for Irish authenticity.

These efforts symbolise the community’s embrace of cultural festivities and environmental consciousness, albeit with a leprechaun’s wink.

Adding to the spectacle, downtown San Antonio will also host a St Patrick’s festival at the Arneson River Theatre and La Villita which will feature traditional Irish music and family-friendly activities.

A band performs at San Antonios St Patricks festival. — Visit San Antonio
A band performs at San Antonio’s St Patrick’s festival. — Visit San Antonio

“Fire on the Mountain” and the “Inishfree Irish Dancers” are just a few of the acts slated to perform, ensuring revellers will have plenty to jig about.

A St Patrick’s Day river parade will feature 12 Irish-themed floats and a procession of entertainers, including bagpipers, on the parade route for a lively celebration of Irish culture and heritage.

For the community and tourists alike, it’s an opportunity to witness a blend of local culture and Irish traditions in a vibrant, public display.

The San Antonio River Walk dyeing events and parades are free, promoting community engagement and festive enjoyment without admission fees.

For schedules and entertainers, visit the website for more information.

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