Selena Gomez fulfils one fan’s biggest wish

Selena Gomez reacts to a fan’s wish to meet her by sharing a heartwarming response

Selena Gomez fulfils one fan’s biggest wish

Selena Gomez has won the internet’s heart after she responded to a cancer-stricken fan’s wish who wanted to meet the megastar.

On Tiktok, Timothy Bobrovitsky initially posted a clip expressing his love to meet the Ice Cream singer. “I have Stage 4 cancer in my lungs and my leg and everywhere else. I really need your help to make my childhood dreams come true.”

He explained how much he was a fan of the Only Murders in the Building star, “If you know anything about me, you know that I am Selena Gomez’s No. 1 fan, stan, everything, I swear to God.”

“One of my bucket list items since having cancer has always been to either meet Selena Gomez or just be recognized. Even if she saw this video, honestly, I could die peacefully,” the 23-year-old continued.

He concluded the video, saying, “We don’t have Make a Wish in Canada, so I can’t really do that. This is my little Make a Wish, so make it happen for me please!”

Soon, the clip went viral, raking in nearly 6 million views – coincidently among them was a view of Nicola Peltz Beckham – a close friend of Selena’s. Under the post, she commented, “sent it to her.”

Following the video, the Emmy-nominated actress reacted to Timothy’s heartwarming video by sharing a split-screen reaction to the clip. Later, however, Selena deleted the post.

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