Swifties believe Kanye West has become desperate?

Swifties believe Kanye West has become desperate?

Swifties are furious over Kanye West’s name-dropping Taylor Swift in his song Carnival.

Featured in the new album, Vultures 1, the Chicago rapper spitted bars that he “made six Taylor Swift.”

Despite the ambivalent lyrics, the pop icon’s fanbase was enraged over the mention especially in the context of bad blood between the pair.

“Taylor Swift was his target twice and has successfully moved on from both events and thrived. Meanwhile, Kanye feels the need to name-drop her every time he needs clout and attention,” one fan wrote.

Another added, “Says a lot about how desperate he is to be relevant right now.”

“Kanye is the only [person] who’s gonna mention Taylor Swift’s name in an attempt to get relevant again and perhaps a bit famous,” someone else commented.

A fourth said, “kanye west still unironically thinking he made taylor swift famous is so.. like if you’re the one using her name in songs TWICE because you’re desperate for attention, i don’t think you’re as relevant as you think you are.”

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