Tom Sandoval justifies cheating on Ariana Grande?

Tom Sandoval justifies cheating on Ariana Grande?

Tom Sandoval shares his side over the Scandoval controversy as he said Ariana Madix did not treat him well in their nearly 10-year relationship.

Appearing on Nick Viall’s The Viall Files podcast, the reality star said, “If you want me to be ******* honest, I loved, I love Ariana. I do. I really care about her.”

“But like, this person — ****** throughout our relationship — talked to me like I was down here, all the ****** time,” the 40-year-old claimed.

He continued, “And it’s unfortunate that like, my way of acting out against that was like, me also like, just getting belittled, belittled, belittled all the ******* time.”

Adding, he “acted out” because he had such “low self-worth.” Further explaining, Tom said, “Somebody like Raquel — somebody who’s in her 20s doing the whipped cream bikini thing — I was like, ‘Wow. I’m attracted to somebody.'”

However, the Missouri native stressed he is not blaming his ex-partner. “But I loved Ariana. I really ***** did. And the whole process of breaking up with her, this happened over four months.”

Last March, Ariana called it quits with Tom after discovering Raquel Levis’s explicit video on his phone.

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