Tom Sandoval was offered new home amid Scandoval

Rachel “Raquel” Levis reveals she offered Tom Sandoval her home at the time of Scandoval

Tom Sandoval was offered new home amid Scandoval

Amid the height of Scandoval, Rachel “Raquel” Leviss shared she temporarily offered Tom Sandoval to live in her home as he was living with his bitter ex under the same roof.

Speaking about the matter on her podcast, Rachel Goes Roquel, the 29-year-old, shared she was at the mental health facility after her affair was exposed.

But, at the time, the reality star offered her ex to move into her apartment while she was away.

“I asked Tom to move out [of his home with Madix],” she added. “I provided an apartment for him to stay at when I was at The Meadows. I asked him to leave the house and find a new place by the time I got back.”

Regarding their complex understanding of living together despite the cheating scandal, Rachel said, “I don’t know what’s going on between them because Tom has told me that they’re roommates and they’re still roommates, even if they weren’t quite roommates before, they are now.”

However, Schwartz and Sandy’s co-owner shot down the suggestion, “No, that’s not happening.”

In the meantime, Ariana Madix is seeking to sell their shared house in L.A., but Tom is attaching a condition of repaying a loan she previously gave her on the sale.

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