Home Entertainment Truth behind Brad Pitt’s cosmetic procedure laid bare

Truth behind Brad Pitt’s cosmetic procedure laid bare

Truth behind Brad Pitt’s cosmetic procedure laid bare


Brad Pitt sparked cosmetic surgery rumours last year when he was papped at the tennis tournament ‘Wimbledon’ and here’s the insight

Brad Pitt has seemingly undergone the knife and there are a number of rumors as to why.

According to the latest report of Daily Mail, the ex-husband of Angelina Jolie ignited cosmetic procedure rumors when he was papped at the tennis tournament, Wimbledon, in 2023. 

During this appearance, the then-59-year-old actor left the fans astounded with his age-defying looks.

Speaking of these rumors, a renowned facial aesthetician, Dr Jonny Betteridge, hinted that such speculations might be true, as reported Daily Mail

Taking to Instagram, Jonny explained the change in Brad’s facial features by stating, “This was him four years ago in 2020 and you can see he is showing the normal signs of ageing.” (sic)

“Deep static lines, volume loss to the eye and mid-face area, and some skin laxity to the lower face,” he added.

Jonny also pointed out the ‘classic appearance of a facelift scar’, which was apparent on one of Brad’s ears.

The cosmetic surgeon explained, “During the procedure, the skin around it is raised which can change the shape and position of the earlobes.”

“I think he looks seriously good for this transformation, it’s a great example of surgery done well,” Jonny remarked before concluding the clip.

After this video went viral on the internet, Dr Jonny disclosed to The Sun, “The Brad video has gone viral because people can’t believe how good he looks at 60.”

“Looking at the pictures I posted, Brad does look like he could have had a facelift. The changes are significant in that time, “ he concluded. 


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