Home Entertainment Zendaya addresses differences between her and Tom Holland

Zendaya addresses differences between her and Tom Holland

Zendaya addresses differences between her and Tom Holland


Zendaya drops exciting details about her and Tom Holland’s ‘low-key’ relationship

Zendaya seemingly can not help but gush over her boyfriend Tom Holland.

In a recent confessional, the Dune Part:2 actress opened up about her relationship with the Spiderman: No Way Home co-star Tom Holland.

Speaking in a teaser of the Buzzfeed’s puppy upcoming interview, the fashion mogul shared that Tom Holland has been blessed with a really ‘charismatic’ personality.

The revelation came after the interviewer asked her who on the sets of her newest project possessed the prefect “rizz.”

Zendaya replied, “I don’t know. Rizz is short for charisma, right? Everybody’s kind of got their own.”

Nonetheless, she proceeded to declare, “I think someone who has beautiful charisma, not on the Dune cast, but personally works for me, is Mr. Tom Holland.”

The Emmy-winning singer also confessed that her boyfriend loved meeting new people whereas she preferred being a wallflower.

Moreover, the 27-year-old star expressed , “I’m more shy and kind of quiet. So it takes a bit more to pull me out of my shell,” before noting, “But he’s great at just talking to people, getting to know people.”

“He’s just naturally very good at that,” she opined.

The Euphoria actress maintained, “I’ve definitely had to pull it out of me a little bit,” and added, “He’s got that natural gift,” after which she moved on to a new topic. 


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