Breaking The Taboo: How Menstrual Cycle Affects Womens Mental Health? Know Importance Of Destigmatization

The menstrual cycle holds a crucial link between a woman’s physical and mental well-being. Beyond biology, it influences overall health, underscoring its significance. Open discussions on menstruation are vital for holistic well-being, breaking societal taboos. Empowering women with knowledge and support during this natural phase not only contributes to physical health but also becomes a cornerstone for mental well-being. Fostering a society that celebrates these discussions, rather than silencing them, is essential for embracing the holistic nature of women’s health.

Link Between Menstrual Cycle and Mental Health

The link between the menstrual cycle and mental health is a nuanced and essential aspect of women’s well-being. Hormonal fluctuations throughout the menstrual phases can influence mood, energy levels, and emotional resilience. For some individuals, premenstrual symptoms, commonly known as PMS, may bring about mood swings, irritability, or anxiety. Moreover, conditions like Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) can intensify these effects.

Understanding and acknowledging this connection is crucial for promoting mental health empowerment. Open conversations, support systems, and holistic approaches to women’s health can contribute to navigating these fluctuations positively, fostering a society where menstruation and mental health are embraced and destigmatized.

According to Mahipal Singh, Founder & CEO of Revaa, “In our digital age, dismantling societal taboos requires a strategic online approach. We aim not just to raise awareness but to leverage online platforms, obliterating social taboos and fostering holistic wellness.”

“The stigmas surrounding menstruation find roots in persistent secrecy. Open digital conversations are necessary to dispel myths and provide education. Society is becoming more aware of the intricate link between menstruation and mental health, and online endeavors are underway to destigmatize these normal bodily functions,” Mr Singh adds.

“In the virtual realm, practical solutions take center stage. The Menstrual Magic collection, accessible with a click, offers an array of reusable and disposable sanitary products. Wellness Wonder, in its digital commitment to comprehensive well-being, incorporates essential oils and balms through an online platform, providing relief from pain, anxiety, promoting digestion, enhancing sleep, and boosting confidence.”

Disha Popli, a school teacher emphasises on the importance of awareness and educating young girls with information about mnetruation and its effects, “In the empowering confines of Breaking the Silence’s digital classroom, menstrual narratives undergo a profound transformation. Beyond biological occurrences, these narratives become intricate journeys intertwined with mental health.”

Ms Disha says, “As an educator, my mission is to leverage the digital landscape to illuminate minds, fostering an online environment where the unspoken metamorphoses into a dialogue. Breaking taboos becomes the initial stride towards nurturing holistic well-being.”

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