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How to clean a hairbrush – SUCH TV

How to clean a hairbrush – SUCH TV


Dirty brushes and combs can damage your hair. In addition, head lice can be transmitted from one person to another indirectly, through the sharing of hats, scarves and hairbrushes.

Girls tend to share their hair accessories and brushes are therefore are prone to catching head lice from one another. It’s therefore very important to keep hairbrushes clean and sanitary, and to disinfect them when necessary. We will now describe how to clean your hairbrush.

You will use two brushes in this process; the first one is the brush that you are cleaning while you will use a second one to help in the cleaning.

Clean all the hair from the first brush. This can be done easily by running a comb through the bristles. Any remaining hair can be removed by running a cotton swab on the bristles. The hair will adhere to the cotton.
Make a lather of warm soapy water. Dip the second brush into the lather.
Scrub the first brush’s bristles gently with the second, soapy brush’s bristles.
Rinse the second brush.
Rub the second brush across the first brush again, to rinse the soap off. Shake the moisture off the cleaned brush and let it dry, bristle side down.

If you think your hairbrush is infested with head lice, clean it as follows:

Remove all hair from the brush.
Soak the brush in rubbing alcohol or in a medicated shampoo meant to kill lice.
Rinse off the brush, and allow it to dry.


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