Home Health Weekend read: Best stories of the week in Health include COVID advice and lupus developments

Weekend read: Best stories of the week in Health include COVID advice and lupus developments

Weekend read: Best stories of the week in Health include COVID advice and lupus developments


Fox News Digital publishes an array of health pieces all week long to keep you in the know on a range of wellness topics: disease prevention, nutrition, medical research, health care and more — plus, personal stories of people and families overcoming great obstacles.

As you wind down your weekend, check out some of the top stories of the week in Health that you may have missed, or have been meaning to check out. 


These are just a few of what’s new, of course. 

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At-home testing for HPV

The National Cancer Institute announced a new program to study HPV testing via self-collection. Cancer experts discuss how this method could help prevent cervical cancer diagnoses. Click here to get the story.

SHIP Trial Network stands for “Self-collection for HPV testing to Improve cervical cancer Preventions.” Screening, said one doctor, “is of the utmost importance.” (iStock)

Bubonic plague in Oregon

After a case of bubonic plague was confirmed in Oregon earlier this week, some people may wonder if there’s a danger of the disease spreading. Infectious disease experts share what to know about the animal-borne disease, which can be deadly if it goes untreated. Click here to get the story.

Squirrel with hand

Since its introduction 120 years ago, the bubonic plague has become endemic in ground squirrels and rodents in the rural Southwestern U.S. (iStock)

‘Life-changing’ treatment for lupus

Researchers in Australia have discovered a new treatment for lupus that infuses healthy human cells into patients, triggering a protective mechanism that helps to prevent autoimmune reactions. Learn how it works and why it could extend to other disease treatments. Click here to get the story.

Woman hand pain

Common symptoms of lupus include joint pain, extreme fatigue, joint pain or a butterfly rash. (iStock)

Stopping frostbite in its tracks

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first medication to treat severe frostbite, the agency announced this week. The drug, iloprost (brand name Aurlumyn), is intended to reduce the risk of finger and toe amputations due to dangerously cold extremities. Dr. Marc Siegel weighed in on this “very important approval.” Click here to get the story.

Cold man

Frostbite occurs when cold temperatures cause parts of the body to freeze, primarily the fingers, toes, nose, cheeks and chin. (iStock)

State of COVID quarantines

Amid reports that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) may be considering a change to its COVID isolation guidelines, doctors are sharing their own recommendations. Click here to get the story.

Girl COVID pandemic

The current CDC guidance, implemented in late 2021, calls for people who test positive for the virus to “stay home for at least five days and isolate from others in your home.” (iStock)

Lincoln’s depression struggles

The 16th president suffered from chronic “melancholy,” according to historians. Dr. Chris Tuell, a clinical psychotherapist and a chemical and behavioral addiction specialist at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, reflected on what caused Lincoln’s mental health struggles and how the illness was perceived in his time. Click here to get the story.

Abraham Lincoln

He is perhaps best known for his honesty — but a lesser-known fact about Abraham Lincoln is that the 16th president of the United States battled severe depression during his lifetime. (Painting by J.L.G. Ferris)

ADHD gender divide

Symptoms of ADHD in boys compared to girls can make a big difference in diagnosis and treatment, experts say. Fox News Digital spoke with two mental health professionals about how the disorder shows up in males versus females, and when to seek professional help. Click here to get the story.


Viagra’s link to Alzheimer’s risk

Research from University College London indicated that 18% of men who were prescribed various erectile dysfunction medications were less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease. An Alzheimer’s Association expert weighed the benefits and limitations of the findings. Click here to get the story.

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