Home Health Weekend read: Top stories of the week in Health in case you missed them

Weekend read: Top stories of the week in Health in case you missed them

Weekend read: Top stories of the week in Health in case you missed them


Fox News Digital publishes a wide range of pieces all week long to keep you in the know about the latest health and wellness topics — from medical research to health care innovations to stories of personal medical triumph.

As you wind down your weekend, check out some top stories of the week in Health that you may have missed, or have been meaning to check out. 

These are just a few of what’s new, of course: There are many more to see at http://www.foxnews/health.


Dive into this selection here — and let us know your thoughts or recommendations for our next roundup in the comments section below.

This week’s recap includes (left to right) patients’ trust in nurses, a surprising transmission of Alzheimer’s and the impacts of energy drinks on America’s youth, among other top stories. (iStock)

Alzheimer’s disease transmitted by medical procedure

Some patients who had a certain medical procedure decades ago were found to contract Alzheimer’s disease later in life, researchers from University of College London discovered. 

Fox News Digital spoke with the study authors and other dementia experts to learn more. Click here to get the story.

Medical researchers

Some patients received a type of human growth hormone that was extracted from the pituitary glands of deceased people (c-hGH).  (iStock)

FDA greenlights first at-home sterile insemination kit

PherDal is the first at-home sterile insemination kit to help people get pregnant in the comfort of their own home. 

Fox News Digital spoke to Dr. Jennifer Hintzsche about how PherDal has already helped bring 34 babies into the world as fertility experts shared opinions on the solution. Click here to get the story.

Woman nursing baby

“I think everyone deserves something they can try first, and it shouldn’t take $10,000 just to [have the chance] to become a mother,” said the company’s founder (not pictured). (iStock)

Chemo alternatives emerge for cancer patients

A new ovarian cancer drug has been given the fast track for FDA approval. RC88, made by RemeGen, is one of several antibody drug conjugates that have shown promise in treating cancer. 


Dr. Brian Slomovitz, director of gynecologic oncology and co-chair of the Cancer Research Committee at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, Florida, weighed in on the experimental therapy. Click here to get the story.

Music might have the power to stave off dementia

People who played instruments or sang could have stronger memory and cognitive function, researchers found. 

The findings were published in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.Click here to get the story.

Man playing guitar

An elderly man is playing guitar (iStock)

‘Medical tourism’ turns deadly for some plastic surgery patients

Twenty-nine U.S. citizens have died after having cosmetic surgery in the Dominican Republic between 2009 and 2018, a Jan. 25 report from the CDC said.

Industry representatives and plastic surgeons weighed in on the potential risks and shared safety tips. Click here to get the story.

Plastic surgery markings

Most of the patients who died had risk factors for the condition, such as obesity, diabetes, tobacco use and multiple surgical procedures being performed at once. (iStock)

Energy drinks could put kids at risk

Kids and teens who drink high-caffeine energy drinks could be more prone to mental health disorders like ADHD, anxiety and depression, new research has shown. 

A psychologist and a dietitian offered input on the dangers these drinks could pose for youth. Click here to get the story.

Patients trust nurses more than doctors

For the 22nd year in a row, Gallup’s Honesty and Ethics poll found that nurses hold the top spot as the most trusted profession, with 78% of Americans who took part stating that they adhere to “very high” or “high” standards for honesty and ethics. 


Medical experts shared their theories. Click here to get the story.

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