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5 reasons to follow ‘Shirazi village vlogs’ | The Express Tribune

5 reasons to follow ‘Shirazi village vlogs’ | The Express Tribune



Back off, YouTube stars. There’s a new digital sheriff in town. If you’ve been active on the internet in the past few weeks, chances are that you’ve seen an exceedingly adorable child making videos about his daily routine up in the mountainous regions of the country.

Equipped with what assumes is a camera phone and patchy internet for which the young Youtuber must travel on foot from home to upload his videos (which can take up to an hour) the Shirazi village vlogs YouTube channel is about to become your favourite content fix – if it isn’t already.

Helmed by Shiraz, “the youngest YouTuber and vlogger in Pakistan” who shares “the simple life and experiences of (his) village,” the YouTube channel is as pure as it is heartwarming. Here are five reasons why you absolutely must support Shiraz and his online antics:

1. His persona

Even though Shiraz is a young child, his strong on-screen persona and captivating anecdotes keep one hooked at all times. He is mischievous, but not in an unkind way. The young YouTube star can be seen running around his village, talking to people in his surroundings, or simply capturing the picturesque beauty of his village – struggling at times but persevering nonetheless. His infectious laughter fills one up with joy, making his videos immensely addictive. Furthermore, his sure-footedness when it comes to content is also truly mind-boggling. 

2. His sister

Shiraz dotes on his younger sister Muskan, who, in all honesty, deserves her own channel. Unbothered and unfazed, Muskan is the kind of child who fears nothing. A star in her own right, Muskan does not care if her brother warns her of imminent danger; she will march right ahead with careless abandon. With her fluffy pink cheeks that she constantly keeps stuffing with food or even snow, Muskan is an absolute firecracker of a character, and she keeps one coming back for more with her hilarious and exceedingly cute capers.

3. The simple way of life

Despite his young age, Shiraz’s authenticity and yearning for the simpler things in life are not lost on his audience. Muskan and Shiraz find joy in uncomplicated and elementary pleasures, be it playing with and chasing goats, eating snow, crossing harrowing bridges, climbing hills, or enjoying each other’s company. The videos are a reminder of how one can find glee without the frill of frivolous things one assumes one requires at all times to keep boredom at bay.

4. Awareness

While Shiraz does find joy in nature and childlike wonder, his vlogs are also reminders of the many necessities his village lacks. The young YouTuber can often be seen complaining about a dearth of basic amenities, and he implores his audience to spread the word so that his fellow village folk can also have access to certain privileges city folks often take for granted.

5. The scenery

One is often taken aback by how well Shiraz manages to capture his surroundings. The picturesque village seems to be straight out of a fairy tale, with snow-capped mountains and a more traditional way of life. While it is evident that the villagers do lack resources – a pertinent issue that must be addressed – the fact that the area is not cluttered by man-made waste and destruction is a sight to behold.

To conclude, join the heartwarming journey by subscribing to Shirazi village vlogs. By doing this, you’re not just supporting a young YouTuber but also becoming a part of Shiraz’s wonderful world. Experience his dreams, aspirations, and fun adventures with his lively sister Muskan, whose infectious charm brings extra joy to every video. Let’s celebrate creativity, resilience, and the simple joy of sharing life’s special moments through the lens of Shiraz village vlogs.

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