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7 of Ayeza Khan’s best projects | The Express Tribune

7 of Ayeza Khan’s best projects | The Express Tribune


In the realm of Pakistani television, Ayeza Khan stands as a distinguished star, having firmly etched her name among the industry’s elite. Recognised for her exceptional talent and immense acting prowess, Ayeza has garnered widespread acclaim and numerous accolades. 

Regarded as one of the nation’s highest-paid female actors by the media, her journey in the entertainment industry is a testament to both her versatility and enduring popularity. Ayeza’s performances on the screen reflect not only her remarkable skill set but also her ability to captivate audiences with each nuanced portrayal. Continuing to make an enduring impact on the canvas of Pakistani television, Ayeza has contributed her talent to a repertoire of remarkable projects. The following are a few notable inclusions:

Pyarey Afzal    

In her portrayal of Farah Ibrahim in the widely acclaimed television project, Ayeza proved her mettle as a standout performer, contributing to what many consider one of the finest offerings in Pakistani television history. Her depiction of the character added a layer of perfection, bringing life to a compelling story fueled by love, drama, and twists. 

The excellence of the project was acknowledged at the Lux Style Awards where it secured five prestigious accolades out of seven nominations. Ayeza, in particular, earned the Best Actress award for her impeccable performance. Notably, Pyarey Afzal garnered recognition beyond borders as it was also broadcast in India on Zindagi Channel under the same title.

Meray Paas Tum Ho

Ayeza took on the role of the infamous Mehwish in this show. The stellar cast of the offering, featuring Humayun Saeed, Ayeza, and Adnan Siddiqui, took the 19th Lux Style Awards by storm, securing eight nominations and clinching victory in two categories, including the prestigious Best TV Play. The serial swiftly became a sensation in 2019, captivating the audience from its very first episode in Pakistan. 

Boasting record-breaking TV ratings, it etched its name as the highest-ranked drama in the history of Pakistan. Critics lauded the performances and chemistry between Humayun and Ayeza, establishing them as a formidable on-screen pair. However, the show faced criticism for a controversial dialogue referring to a character as a “do take ki larki (second rate/worthless woman),” which gained notoriety among misogynists in Pakistan and drew sharp rebuke from feminists. The series concluded with a “mega double episode”, simultaneously airing on TV and gracing the screens of major cinemas across Pakistan, including Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

Chupke Chupke    

The delightful series graced the screens during Ramadan in April and May 2021, and left a lasting impression on the audience. The storyline revolves around the Nawab family, navigating the comedic chaos that ensues after the Nawab’s demise. The narrative unfolds as his two wives, Naik Bakht and Naik Parwar, engage in spirited conflicts at every turn.

Ayeza and Osman Khalid Butt took the lead as Meenu and Faazi, injecting life into the series with their impeccable on-screen chemistry. The show garnered widespread acclaim for its humorous plotline, the captivating dynamics of the lead couples, and the stellar performances by the cast. Notably, Chupke Chupke achieved a remarkable milestone, amassing 100 million collective views on YouTube within a mere two weeks, a testament to its widespread popularity and the captivating charm Ayeza brought to her role.


The 2021 Pakistani series generated a mix of reactions from viewers and critics alike. The initial criticism centred around specific scenes, particularly the “harassment accusation” scene in the first episode and the slap scene between Falak and Daniyal. However, as the narrative unfolded and the harassment scene was clarified by Ayeza’s character, the series earned praise for its positive messaging.

The offering faced mixed reviews, with some expressing concerns about the storyline heading in multiple directions. Nevertheless, the direction of the show received significant acclaim. Ayeza, in particular, stood out for her exceptional acting skills in portraying a character that seamlessly blended comedy with shades of evil. Her ability to maintain a pleasing aesthetic sense of style that perfectly complemented her role did not go unnoticed. Ayeza’s dedication to her character extended beyond the screen, as she created a TikTok persona exclusively for the series. Her efforts to embody the role were widely praised.

Chaudhry and Sons  

The 2022 Pakistani romantic family comedy featured Ayeza in the role of Parisa “Pari” Ahmed. She portrayed Dildar’s lost granddaughter, who has been struggling to pass her exams for an extended period. Ayeza’s character added a unique touch to the narrative, bringing depth and authenticity to the portrayal of a young woman facing academic challenges. The plot takes an interesting turn as Pari’s marriage is arranged with Billu, played by Imran Ashraf. Ayeza’s performance in navigating the complexities of Pari’s life showcases her versatility as an actor. 

Chand Tara    

The offering emerged as a lighthearted romantic comedy, graced by the stellar performances by Ayeza and her husband, Danish Taimoor. The series followed the charming tale of Chand, portrayed by Danish, a software engineer with aspirations for independent living within a joint family setup. On the other hand, Ayeza stepped into the character of Tara, a gynaecologist raised in solitude, yearning to experience the warmth of a joint family. Ayeza’s portrayal of Tara brought a captivating blend of grace and relatability to the character. Her on-screen chemistry with Danish added depth to the unfolding love story. 


In the enthralling show, Ayeza took centre stage in the exploration of the internal quest for self-discovery. The narrative revolves around two individuals from the upper class who take immense pride in their individuality. Despite their unwavering commitment to uniqueness, familial expectations and pressures lead them down a path of unfortunate romantic endeavours, intertwining their destinies.

Co-starring alongside Wahaj Ali, Ayeza stepped into the role of Mubashira Jaffer, affectionately known as MJ, portraying a character that was both blunt and feisty. Her portrayal received widespread acclaim, with fans praising her ability to bring nuance to MJ’s character. The star recently expressed gratitude for the overwhelming response from the audience, acknowledging the transformation of MJ from a perceived villain to a hero in the viewers’ eyes.

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