Home Lifestyle Ainy Jaffri tells women to leave abusive partners | The Express Tribune

Ainy Jaffri tells women to leave abusive partners | The Express Tribune

Ainy Jaffri tells women to leave abusive partners | The Express Tribune


Pakistani actor Ainy Jaffri has candidly addressed the issue of abusive relationships, emphasising that it is not a woman’s responsibility to fix an abusive man. In a recent episode of the Adnan Faisal podcast, the star shared her perspective on the importance of recognising and swiftly exiting such toxic relationships.

The actor spoke unequivocally about the gravity of abuse in relationships during her appearance on the podcast. She stressed the fact that women should not feel compelled to endure abuse or believe they have the responsibility to change an abusive partner.

She shared emphatically, “If your husband, boyfriend, fiance, or any guy that your family has arranged for you to meet beats you or tortures you in any way – hitting, that’s it – over and done. He will never change.” Joining her hands together pleadingly, she continued, “How do I explain this? He will never change. If he hit you before, he will hit you more after. And if he doesn’t – good for you, you changed, it’s great, have a good life – it’s not your problem.” 

She asserted further, “He’s not your child that you need to fix. It’s your right to marry a guy who is already a good man. You don’t need to be his mother, thinking you will fix him. That was his mother’s job. It’s not your job. You’ll spend your whole life mothering him and your children. These will be your children and you will take care of them.”

The actor passionately expressed that every woman has the right to marry someone who is already a good person, without the burden of trying to reform an abusive partner. Ainy discouraged the notion of assuming a maternal role in a romantic relationship. Her remarks on the podcast resonate with the ongoing discourse on empowering women to prioritize their well-being and mental health. Her advocacy against tolerating abuse and promoting the importance of entering relationships with mutual respect and understanding has garnered support and appreciation from listeners.

As a public figure, Ainy’s candid discussion on this critical issue contributes to raising awareness about the importance of healthy relationships and encouraging women to assert their right to a safe and respectful partnership. Her words serve as a reminder that everyone deserves a relationship built on trust, compassion, and shared responsibility.

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