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Pakistani music sensation Ali Zafar is creating a buzz among his fans as he prepares to make a grand return to the Pakistan Super League (PSL). Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Zafar shared a quote from the official PSL account, which declared, “Jab muqabla ho takkar ka tou khul ke khel” (When the competition is tough, play wholeheartedly). 

The singer provided insights about the song he penned, expressing, “This time it’s about playing and living fearlessly, and that’s why I wrote Khul Ke Khel. Get your dancing shoes ready!” As anticipation builds, fans eagerly await the release of the musician’s upcoming anthem, promising an electrifying musical experience for PSL 2024. 

Previously, in a captivating teaser, the PSL account showcased Zafar immersed in an instrumental rendition of his previous PSL anthem, teasing fans with the caption, “Seeti tou bajay ge” (The whistle will sound). The post hinted at the escalating excitement surrounding the release of the official PSL anthem for 2024. 

Responding to the anticipation, Zafar assured his eager fan base, stating, “Bilkul bajay gi. Aur stage bhee phir se sajjay ga!” (It definitely will, and the stage will be set once again.) Enthusiasts have since been on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the launch of Zafar’s much-awaited anthem, promising a spectacular musical experience for PSL 2024.

This is especially noteworthy, given that previous anthems have received mixed responses. Ever since Zafar’s last collaboration with the PSL, his ardent fans have complained every year about PSL anthems not living up to the hype created by Zafar’s take on the sport. While many renditions have also been appreciated, the release of the anthem is always a highly driven digital event, with netizens rushing to provide critique, share appreciation, or make memes. As the singer continues to hype up his upcoming anthem, it is yet to be seen how the internet will react to this comeback.

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