America’s Jim Miller extends Guinness World Record for most UFC wins

Miller has the chance to make history by competing at UFC 300 leaving behind Brock Lesnar

UFC veteran Jim Miller striking a pose while showing his biceps. — Guinness World Record/File

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) veteran Jim Miller has extended his Guinness World Record (GWR) record for the most UFC wins (26) after submitting Mexico’s Gabriel Benítez in the third round of their bout at UFC Vegas 84.

Miller, 40, surpassed his record for most UFC fights with his 43rd Octagon appearance, a match scheduled for February last year, but Benítez withdrew due to injury, GWR reported.

Despite being five years older than his opponent, the American UFC veteran entered the cage as a betting favourite.

After a closely contested kickboxing battle, Miller secured a takedown in the final round to finish Benítez with a rear naked choke.

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Andrei Arlovski, 44, also competed at the event, increasing his total UFC fights to 41. However, he lost his 24th UFC win to Waldo Cortes-Acosta, leaving him tied with Donald Cerrone for the all-time wins record.

Miller made his UFC debut just over 15 years ago, in October 2008 at UFC 89, where he submitted David Baron with a rear naked choke.

Over the years, he’s earned 12 victories by way of submission, second only to Charles Oliveira, who holds records for the most UFC submission wins (16) and most UFC finishes (20).

Miller, a seasoned fighter, has fought against top names like Edgar, Henderson, Nate Diaz, and Diego Sanchez among others. He’s one of only two fighters — the other being Brock Lesnar — to have fought at both UFC 100 and 200.

With Lesnar retiring, Miller has the chance to make history by competing at UFC 300 in three months, if he’s fit.

“It’s fun because it puts a little extra pressure on me, which I do enjoy,” said Miller, speaking about the possibility. “I’m here to fight, and I know that I’ve been around for a long time, and I’ve had the ups and downs and this and that, but man I love to fight. So knowing that I’m gonna get a quick turnaround is awesome.”

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