Home Lifestyle Annie Lennox calls for ceasefire in Gaza | The Express Tribune

Annie Lennox calls for ceasefire in Gaza | The Express Tribune

Annie Lennox calls for ceasefire in Gaza | The Express Tribune


As Israeli brutality continues to target Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, protesters across the world are rallying for the cause. Celebrities and influential showbiz names are increasingly using their platform to speak truth to power, underscoring the staggering death toll in Palestine. According to Al Jazeera, Israeli attacks have killed at least 27,585 people and wounded 66,978 since October 7. 

Scottish singer and political activist Annie Lenox has once again reiterated her support for Palestine and called for an immediate end to Israel’s aggression. Garnering fame in the 1980s as part of the pop duo Eurythmics, Annie took to her IG handle with a long note explaining her stance.

“The history of discord and dispute between Israel and Palestine stretches back for decades.
I have always longed to see a peaceful resolution to this tragic and seemingly endless conflict.
I am neither anti-Semitic nor pro-Hamas,” the singer penned. “My stance is totally from a humanitarian standpoint, which must always be central to circumstances where the value of human life has been reduced to less than zero.”

She furthered on, “So far over 2 million lives are being destroyed with a rising death toll of over 27,000 and more than 66,000 wounded. People have been forced to survive nightmarish conditions, with a severe lack of all essential resources and supplies.” The artist stressed the severe lack of civic amenities facing Palestinians.

Annie added, “Hospitals, medical facilities and services are in dire need and barely able to function, while contagious disease runs rampant with starvation levels rising. Constant terror, trauma, threat and bombardment accompanies each day.”

“This in no way reduces the plight of hostages and their families, who all continue to suffer the unimaginable pain of not knowing the fate or whereabouts of their loved ones,” she said, before insisting that such tactics have failed to broker peace. “I fail to see how any of this has done anything to contribute to a peaceful solution and am heartbroken for everyone who has been victimised by this ever-unfolding tragedy.”

Annie’s IG statement comes shortly after she issued a call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza at the 66th Annual Grammy Awards during her heartfelt tribute to Sinéad O’Connor, as reported by Arab News. After a soul-stirring performance of Nothing Compares to U on Sunday, Annie became the first artist at a major awards show this year to make a bold political statement.

“Artists for a ceasefire. Peace in the world,” declared Annie, her fist raised in the air, against the backdrop of an image of O’Connor. The Eurythmics icon’s call for peace resonated with fans, who praised her for combining a powerful musical performance with a poignant message.

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