Asim Azhar ‘didn’t charge a single penny’ for ‘Sinf-e-Aahan’ OST | The Express Tribune

Asim Azhar recently took to X to provide clarification, emphasising that he refrains from participating in art with an underlying agenda.

The situation emerged when the singer initially made a lighthearted remark in Urdu, suggesting, “You never know, they may be trying to ban the bat emoji.” In his subsequent statement, Asim aimed to elucidate his stance on engaging in artistic endeavours that carry specific agendas.

This led to the artist receiving a response from a user on the microblogging site, urging the singer to advocate for the banning of his projects with ISPR as well. The user, utilising a mocking tone, addressed Asim as an “inqalabi bhai” (revolutionary brother) and encouraged him not to shy away, questioning how meaningful change would transpire without such bold steps.

“Come on inqalabi bhai, don’t be scared, aisay kaisay tabdeeli ayegi super star? (Come on, revolutionary brother. Don’t be scared. How will change come otherwise, superstar?),” the user stated.

Without mincing his words, Asim replied to the X user. He stated, “Fun fact: Did not charge a single penny for this anthem/song. And the agenda is that I make a hundred more of such songs that uplift my nation or have a positive message. In this case, it was based on women empowerment: Sinf-e-Aahan.”

Carrying forth, Asim added, “And a piece of advice for you too, my brother. Imam Ali has said, ‘Don’t see who’s talking, hear what they’re saying. I don’t do agenda-based art. So don’t try and make my art into that. Thank you.”

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