Home Lifestyle Ayeza Khan thanks ‘Mein’ fans, bids farewell to MJ | The Express Tribune

Ayeza Khan thanks ‘Mein’ fans, bids farewell to MJ | The Express Tribune

Ayeza Khan thanks ‘Mein’ fans, bids farewell to MJ | The Express Tribune


Leading star of Pakistani television, actor Ayeza Khan recently took to her Instagram handle with a sentimental post marking the upcoming end of her blockbuster drama series Mein, co-starring Wahaj Ali. Giving fans the blunt and feisty Mubashira Jaffer, also known as MJ, Ayeza received widespread praise for essaying the complex protagonist.

As Mein neared its end, Mubashira prompted comparisons with Ayeza’s other role in Jaan-e-Jahan that started airing this year. In a stark contrast showcasing her versatility, the actor embodies the soft-spoken and kind Mahnoor for an intense love story opposite Hamza Ali Abbasi.

Expressing her deep sentiments as her journey with Mein ends, Ayeza posted a brief skit contrasting her two recent popular characters. Donning an all-orange ensemble Mubashira enters the video alongside Mahnoor, the latter clad in a floral pink and white traditional attire.

Standing next to each other, the differences in the two Ayezas’ demeanours is further underscored when they begin conversing. “MJ, you’re leaving?” asks Mahnoor to which Mubashira replies with a smile, “Everyone must leave eventually.”

Mahnoor expresses how she will be missed by everyone to which Mubashira points out that Jaan-e-Jahan is here to take her place. As MJ departs with a wave to the OST of Mein, Ayeza as Mahnoor calls upon Alexa, the Amazon voice assistant, to “play Jaan-e-Jahan“.

Accompanying this heartfelt video, the actor also penned a long note of gratitude in the post’s caption. “Time to say goodbye to MJ, aka Mubashira Jaffer…This journey wasn’t easy for me; the roller coaster of emotions, stepping out of my comfort zone without even looking at the monitor, trusting the director, Badar Mehmood, to bring out the best in me,” she wrote.

Appreciating the enthusiastic reception, she furthered on, “The response from all of you has been overwhelming; you’ve turned a villain into a hero. Thank you for appreciating my performance as MJ, and of course, the styling that brought MJ to life on screen.” 

“MJ will always be my most challenging and favourite character. I’m not sure if you’ll miss it, but I’ll never forget this role in my life. Just two more days of MJ with you, then a forever goodbye,” Ayeza capped the emotional note.

Before Jaan-e-Jahan’s premiere, Ayeza took to her Instagram with a reel showing her transition from Mubashira, the cold and ruthless protagonist of her drama Mein to the sweet and simple Mahnoor in her latest series. 

In the caption of the video post, Ayeza penned, “Introducing Mahnoor. We now transition from the wrath of MJ to the kind and loving nature of Mahnoor. Countdown begins.” The viral reel received an outpouring of love, gathering over 700,000 likes to showcase fan excitement for Jaan-e-Jahan. The mega-production signifies the much-anticipated return of actor and heartthrob Abbasi to showbiz after a prolonged hiatus since 2019.

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