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Celebs urge citizens to vote | The Express Tribune

Celebs urge citizens to vote | The Express Tribune


As the elections inch closer, many celebrities and figures of influence have taken to their respective social media platforms to ask the general population to vote. Requesting a show of vigour in these trying times, these calls to action serve as a way to jolt awake the civilians of Pakistan as they begin to decide who will take over the political landscape of Pakistan for the next term.

Taking to X, singer Mustafa Zahid stated, “This year Valentine’s Day is on February 8 because mulk say mohabbat sab say pehlay (love for one’s country comes first)! Go out and vote! Please.” Urging his followers to forgo the day of love and prioritise voting, the post underscored Mustafa’s love for his nation.

Singer Farhan Saeed, too, took to X to share, “Pakistan, come out and vote on the 8th. If you think you’ve been wronged, vote! If you want to see your country progress, vote! If you want to see the right person leading the country, vote! All that Pakistan asked for this entire year was the right to vote. Now vote!”

Actor Adnan Siddiqui took to his Instagram account to say, “February 8: a crucial day for us and our nation. Urging each one of you to exercise your right to vote. The power to enact change lies within our hands. Remember, if you don’t vote now, you lose the right to complain later. Let’s make our voices heard and shape our future together.”

Similarly, actor Maya Ali took to her Instagram Story and rallied her followers. “I request you all to use your vote wisely,” she said. “This is your time to save your future and make your present better. Please think about Pakistan, think about those sacrifices which have been made up until now. The fate of our children lies in our hands, and we have to stand on the right side of history. You will choose your leader for the betterment of all of us.”

Taking to Instagram in a detailed video post, Bushra Ansari shared, “There’s a lot of chaos in the country. The elections are near. We all wish that the future of Pakistan is brighter and that the next five years are given to such a political party that helps us walk the path towards prosperity. To propel us from here towards betterment.”

She added, “Whichever candidate it is for whom you have hope or trust, or you believe that their promises are genuine, get up and go vote. Talk is cheap. Get up, find out about your constituency, recognise your candidate’s symbol, and go and vote for the same so that we can be a part of the change that leads to betterment.”

These celebrities join the likes of Osman Khalid Butt, Hasan Raheem, and Asim Azhar, who asked Pakistanis to get out and vote as well. Asim, via his Instagram Story, appealed to his fellow colleagues, public figures, and celebrities to endorse the importance of voting. He highlighted the need to raise awareness and encouraged everyone to stand for what is right and fair. Furthermore, the musician urged the public to vote for the betterment of Pakistan, asking everyone to find their constituencies and actively participate in shaping the future.

“I request all my fellow colleagues, public figures and celebrities to endorse the right to vote to at least raise awareness in their capacity for the public to stand for what is right and fair and most importantly, VOTE! Please encourage everybody to find their constituencies and decide what our children will see. Vote for Pakistan,” stated Asim on his IG Story.

Osman, in a post on X, provided a practical guide for individuals who haven’t yet checked their polling details. He advised sending a message to 8300 with their CNIC to receive information about their constituency and polling station. Additionally, he stressed the significance of making one’s voice count through the voting process.

Hasan initially conveyed a heartfelt message in Urdu on the site formerly known as Twitter, urging everyone to cast their votes, a sentiment he later echoed in a follow-up post. “Aur meri jaan kay totay vote zarur daalna (Piece of my heart, do vote,)” shared the singer. Responding to potential critics, Raheem asserted his commitment to civic responsibility, mentioning his tax contributions and asserting his right to express opinions aligned with his beliefs.

This collective call to action reflects a growing awareness among Pakistani celebrities about the pivotal role citizens play in the democratic process. As the election season approaches, these influential figures are leveraging their platforms to inspire widespread participation and engage citizens in shaping the future of the nation.

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