Home Lifestyle Chinese New Year: What does the year of the dragon mean for you?

Chinese New Year: What does the year of the dragon mean for you?

Chinese New Year: What does the year of the dragon mean for you?


Chinese New Year is upon us, with celebrations starting on Saturday, February 10 to welcome in the year of the dragon.

The two-week festival marks the beginning of a new Lunar year – and a new animal in the Chinese zodiac to represent the next 12 months.

Billions of people in China and around the world will celebrate, often wearing red clothes, decorating their homes with red lanterns and taking part in traditional dragon dances.

Chinese astrologist and Feng Shui consultant Janine Lowe says this will be a year of change – and while that might mean a rollercoaster 12 months, the change can also bring new opportunities.

What does this mean for people born in the dragon year?

If you’re born in the year of the dragon, which is 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000 and 2012, you’re in luck – this year is looking like a good year for you.

Lowe says that often when people are born in the same year as the current animal, it can “sometimes be conflictual”, but this year the dragons have “this amazing power to be entrepreneurial and creative”.

They may become a sage for their friends, and Lowe adds that there’s also a good chance for them to gain wealth or see their wealth expand this year. But, she warns: “As long as they focus now on exactly what they want out of the year, there’s no point in dilly-dallying around it, they need to know what they want out of the year.”

And while it’s not marked as a year of love for the dragon, there may be a chance for people born in the year of the dragon to spark a new romance come September.

So what about people not born in the year of the dragon?

Those born under the other zodiac animals also have a big year ahead of them.

For people born in the year of the dog (1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018) it is likely to be a big and conflicting year. Lowe says: “Everything is about change, literally in every part of their lives. It’s a huge change.”

But don’t be too worried – she says that amongst the upheaval, positive changes are on the horizon for dog people too.

Other zodiac animals will have an easier time – rats will experience growth and energy and will have the opportunity to grow in their careers, while tigers will be able to indulge in their love of adventures.

There will be new love interests for snakes this year, and there is a lot of good health, happiness and new connections around for monkeys.

Rabbits like an easy, steady-paced life, so this year they will need to learn to adapt to change, and oxen folk will also face challenges and will need to reach out to the people around them, instead of relying on themselves.

Goats will be faced with decisions this year, while horses should take up new opportunities that come their way.

Lowe adds: “Roosters are the secret friend of the dragon and, because it’s going to be a bit of a rollercoaster year for everybody, my advice is to hang onto the dragon’s tails and go with the year.”

She says it will be a very busy year for pigs, because they will end up being the supporters of the year – both at home and at work.

Will it be a good year for everyone?

Generally, 2024 is about revolution and change. While that can daunting, it can also spark creativity and innovation. Lowe advises that creativity and original ideas will help this be the year it’s meant to be.

The dragon, who Lowe explains comes with a lot of power and magic, will help you focus on getting what you truly want.

She says: “The dragon has a lot of really positive stuff behind it, because it is the top Chinese animal. But it’s not something where you sit at home and do your knitting, and watch Netflix – you need to get out of your chair and go make what you need or what you want to happen. And there’s every opportunity for that to happen this year.”


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