Home Lifestyle ‘Choco Tacos’ are making a return nationwide nearly one year after being discontinued

‘Choco Tacos’ are making a return nationwide nearly one year after being discontinued

‘Choco Tacos’ are making a return nationwide nearly one year after being discontinued


Choco Tacos are set to make a comeback this year, with the help of Taco Bell and a beloved ice cream chain, Salt & Straw.

Salt & Straw took to Instagram earlier this week to tease the return of the beloved snack, which is vanilla ice cream covered with chocolate and nuts that’s then placed in a taco-shaped waffle cone. The news came nearly one year after Klondike – the original creator of the Choco Tacos – sent shockwaves through the internet when it announced that the product had been discontinued.

In the Instagram post, which included a video documented during Taco Bell’s Live Más Live event, Salt & Straw confirmed that it will be making the revamped Choco Tacos. The brand also announced its partnership with Taco Bell for the beloved snack’s relaunch.

Although it has the same shape as the original Choco Tacos, Salt & Straw noted that the ingredients in this treat will be a little bit different.

“Coming this summer to all scoop shops and online for nationwide shipping,” the caption reads. “Hand pressed waffle cones, freshmade cinnamon ancho ice cream dipped in single origin chocolate and studded with toasted brown rice.”

In addition, the treats will be served with “three custom sauce packets and a tangy cheesecake dip”.

Speaking toToday about the big news, the CEO of Salt & Straw, Tyler Malek, acknowledged that Choco Tacos will continue to be the treat that people have loved for years, but with “a bit of a gourmet twist”.

“The ice cream is slightly spiced and has significantly more butterfat and less air than anything you’ve had before,” he said. “We use an especially dark chocolate that still holds a rich flavour even after being frozen. On the very top of the taco, we wanted a bit of crunch, so found a rare blend of toasted brown rice that has that effect while also adding an evocative, almost toasty characteristic.”

He further reassured fans of the original Choco Tacos that they’ll love the new snack, adding: “This is what I always romantically dreamt of the old treat tasting like, but that they never lived up to.”

Back in July 2022, Klondike first took to X – formerly known as Twitter – to announce that the Choco Tacos were being discontinued after 40 years. “We’ve experienced an unprecedented spike in demand across our portfolio and have had to make very tough decisions to ensure availability of our full portfolio nationwide,” the brand wrote at the time. “We’re very sorry for any disappointment!”

Following the news, many celebrities hilariously paid their respects to the snack, with celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern expressing how shocked he was to see the taco-shaped treat go.

“This is insanity,” he tweeted at the time. “Look at the Klondike portfolio and tell me you would discontinue what is arguably the best quiescently frozen dessert treat ever??? Get rid of the Cone Zone or the Cookies n’ Cream sandwich instead! We need our Choco Tacos.”

Model Chrissy Teigen also shared her reaction to the discontinuation in a since-expired Instagram Story, where she jokingly expressed how customers didn’t fully appreciate the Choco Taco.

“Everyone always takes this s*** for granted when it’s around,” she wrote, along with a screenshot of a People story about the product. “Never choosing it over a Snickers ice cream bar so that’s what you get don’t go crying now.”

She added: “You never cared before. You don’t deserve him!!!”


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