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In the realm of Pakistani television, a gripping new supernatural thriller is set to captivate audiences as Dayan makes its debut on the small screen. Scheduled to air on Express Entertainment, every Monday and Tuesday at 8 PM starting from January 15th, the drama weaves a tale of familial bonds, revenge, and the supernatural.

The narrative centres around Ibrahim, an engineer, and his wife Alia, a lawyer running an NGO. Their seemingly idyllic life takes a dark turn when Alia accidentally hits a girl named Mahrukh with her car. Hospitalised and diagnosed with amnesia, Mahrukh becomes an unwitting conduit for a vengeful witch, known as Dayan in local folklore, to infiltrate Ibrahim’s family.

Unbeknownst to Alia, Mahrukh harbours a traumatic past: she was once a loving mother whose life was tragically cut short by her own family. Burned to death by her mother-in-law and husband, Mahrukh seeks revenge by targeting the happiness of other families. In her quest for vengeance, she fixates on Ibrahim’s son, Ayaan, aiming to tear him away from his family.

As the supernatural threat looms over the family, Ibrahim’s friend Nasir Siddiqui begins to unravel the truth about Mahrukh. He discovers that she is not a human being but a paranormal creature, a witch. Fearing for the safety of Ibrahim’s family, Nasir attempts to thwart Mahrukh’s evil plans through spiritual processes. However, his efforts tragically culminate in Mahrukh taking his life.

The drama unfolds as Alia, realising the supernatural nature of the threat, confronts Mahrukh, who possesses extraordinary powers. A battle ensues between the two women, with Alia driven by the need to protect her family from the vengeful Dayan. The suspense builds as Mahrukh’s true identity and her connection to Alia are revealed in a chilling twist.

The stellar cast includes Yashma Gill, Sunita Marshall, Hassan Ahmed, and Paras Masroor, promising powerful performances that will bring this supernatural thriller to life. The juxtaposition of familial bonds and the paranormal creates an enticing narrative that delves into the complexities of revenge, possession, and the supernatural.

Dayan promises to be a rollercoaster of emotions, with a perfect blend of suspense, horror, and family drama. As the story unravels, viewers can expect twists and turns that will keep them on the edge of their seats, making this new drama a must-watch for fans of the supernatural genre in Pakistani television.

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