Home Lifestyle Fatima Effendi, Kanwar Arsalan’s house catches fire | The Express Tribune

Fatima Effendi, Kanwar Arsalan’s house catches fire | The Express Tribune

Fatima Effendi, Kanwar Arsalan’s house catches fire | The Express Tribune


In a shocking turn of events, the family residence of celebrity couple, Kanwar Arsalan and Fatima Effendi, went up in flames earlier this morning. The devastating incident was brought to light by Arsalan himself, who took to Instagram to share the heartbreaking news.

Accompanied by worrisome visuals of their smoke-filled kitchen, Arsalan put up an Insta Story with overlaying text that read: “Our house caught on fire today early morning. Alhamdulillah, everyone is safe! Please remember us in your prayers.”

Describing the harrowing ordeal in more detail, Effendi and Arsalan dedicated an episode of their vlog recounting the events that led to the accident. “Fries were cooking on the stove, which is what caused the fire, I think,” Arsalan noted seriously in the video over sounds of ongoing repairs in the background.

“Thank God, we were saved from a bigger loss, no one was harmed…we’re receiving a lot of calls and messages. Thank you very much, we’re safe,” the actor expressed his gratitude at the display of concern. Articulating the immediate chaos of the incident, Arsalan shared how the family jumped into action to preserve their lives and belongings and had barely any time to process the cause or the aftermath.

Informing viewers that the cleaning process has already been initiated, Arsalan underlined the extent of damage caused in the kitchen, joining Effendi who appeared visibly shaken up. “We were all awake in our rooms after praying Fajr…all of a sudden we heard Ahmad’s scream and loud smash of glass breaking,” the Betiyaan actor recalled.

The vlog depicts the intensity of the blaze that damaged the celebrity couple’s home, prompting a barrage of prayers and wishes from fans. Despite the apparent loss, Arsalan’s message reassured fans and well-wishers that the foremost concern was the safety of their family, expressing gratitude for their well-being.

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