Husky dog saves neighbourhood from gas explosion

Bell found the presence of the gas leak at the same spot where the dog was digging

Husky dog. —Unsplash

A husky dog, named Kobe, was hailed a hero after he saved the neighbourhood from a gas leak explosion, Wion reported.

Kobe’s owner, Chanell Bell shared a video of the dog, who can be seen digging a hole in her front yard on Instagram.

“The Dog that saved the block before Christmas,” wrote Bell in her Instagram post. 

Surprised at the dog’s act, Bell thought, “This is not like him.”

“I had a reader already in the house to make sure no leaks were coming from my old heater,” the pet parent explained. “When I saw the hole, I realised it was odd behaviour for my dog. My intuition told me to check it.”

Bell found the presence of the gas leak at the same spot where the dog was digging after not finding anything suspicious inside.

The device detected gas coming from the hole the husky dug, so Bell promptly contacted the authorities about the issue.

A gas foreman and crew were sent to address the problem and unearth the extent of the dangerous leak.

After this, crews repaired the leak and said that had Kobe not spotted it, even turning on a light switch could have put Bell’s house and her life at risk.

While repairing, the crew discovered three main gas leaks in Bell’s neighbourhood caused by ageing pipes. It took workers three days to install new pipes and repair the leaks.

Bell said, adding, “It feels amazing to know Kobe saved our block, I am very thankful to have him.”

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