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As Israel escalates its military actions in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, celebrities across the world are joining resounding calls for an immediate ceasefire and the liberation of Palestine. Among longstanding advocates of Palestine, renowned Indian singer Lucky Ali has reiterated his support for the cause.

In a video clip circulating on Instagram and X, the O Sanam singer directly expressed his solidarity with Palestine while addressing a large audience during a concert in Dubai. “What I want to say is that there can only be one state, I agree with Netanyahu on that. But it has to be Palestine,” Lucky made a forthright statement, denouncing Israel.

As seen in the viral clip, the artist’s response was met with cheers and applause. Much to the crowd’s delight, Lucky went on to repeat his remark and unambiguously declared, “We can all live together but the state has to be Palestine.”

This is not the first time the musician has voiced his support for a free Palestine. In November, 2023, Lucky drew flak from supporters of Israel after he took to the microblogging platform X (formerly Twitter) and shared his desire to visit the war-stricken territory of Palestine.

The singer penned, “Inshallah, I want to go to Palestine.” Almost immediately, the post stirred a backlash from netizens who accused him of seeking attention by making seemingly frivolous statements on a sensitive global issue.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza has reported that the number of Palestinian casualties in Israel’s offensive on the region has now exceeded 25,000, according to Al Jazeera. Ministry spokesperson Ashraf al-Qudra said that 178 individuals were confirmed dead in the preceding 24 hours, bringing the total death toll to 25,105 over more than three months of Israel’s conflict with Gaza.

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