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In a shocking turn of events at a recent concert, Pakistani singer, songwriter and producer Bilal Saeed took his audience by surprise when he abruptly threw his microphone into the crowd mid-performance, causing chaos and confusion among concertgoers.

The incident unfolded during Saeed’s highly anticipated show at a university event. Video footage captured by stunned attendees quickly went viral on social media, showcasing the moment of the microphone’s unexpected flight. 

In the brief clip, Saeed can be seen performing his 2012 hit Ku Ku from the album Twelve when he suddenly trails off and throws away the mic with full force and walks off the stage. Social media users have pointed out subsequent reactions of fans to the incident as one attendee can be heard saying “program tau warr gaya” (the program has been ruined). 

The singer’s mic toss immediately became the talk of the town, with fans and onlookers sharing their perspectives on various social media platforms. Known for tracks like Hogai Ghalti and Adhi Adhi Raat, Saeed’s unexpected outburst drew comparisons to a previous incident involving international artist Cardi B, who had similarly thrown her microphone at a fan during one of her performances. 

Dubbing Saeed as “Cardi Bilal” and “Cardi B lite,” netizens have flooded microblogging platform X (formerly Twitter) with a barrage of memes and playful commentary, turning the singer into the subject of lighthearted online banter. “Bro thinks he’s Cardi B,” penned one user while the other pointed out the “beat drop and the program tau warr gaya” at the end.

Others are, however, expressing concern regarding Saeed’s display of anger. “This dude has anger issues and needs to be away from the public,” declared one X user. “Bilal has a reputation for this. He had a whole brawl with his family on camera a few years ago. Don’t think we should be blaming the audience entirely,” alleged another.

As per one critic, “If an artist isn’t humble enough to accept criticism, perhaps they should consider pursuing a different path. Why should the rest of the audience suffer if one person’s opinion can derail the entire performance? Absurd.”

While the reasons behind Saeed’s mic drop are not yet known, internet speculations are pinning it down to an offensive attendee (or more). Fans and followers eagerly anticipate any clarification from Saeed regarding the circumstances leading up to the mic drop moment. 

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