Italian crowned as most attractive language: Babbel survey

Babbel survey offers a glimpse into the evolving perceptions of linguistic allure

A woman pours water on a man near the Colosseum during a heatwave across Italy, in Rome, Italy, on July 18, 2023. — REUTERS/File

Italian has triumphed over French to emerge as the globe’s most attractive language, according to a groundbreaking survey conducted by Babbel, the language learning platform. 

The survey, canvassing the opinions of 6,000 individuals spanning the US, the UK, France, Spain, Italy, and Germany, unveiled intriguing insights into the perceived sexiness, romanticism, and passion associated with various languages.

What catapults Italian to this prestigious position? 

Babbel language teacher Noël Wolf reveals the enchanting factors that contribute to Italian’s newfound allure. The rise and fall of pitch in spoken Italian create a melodic quality, drawing admirers with its musical charm. Furthermore, the distinct rolling of ‘r’ sounds in Italian adds a captivating and charming element, as highlighted by Wolf.

Notably, the linguistic survey extended beyond the realm of attractiveness. German claimed the crown for the “most direct” language, surprising many, while British English was lauded as the “most polite” by respondents.

This linguistic metamorphosis challenges previously held notions, as evidenced by Babbel’s 2017 survey, which crowned French as the “sexiest accent” and positioned Italian as a close second. Linguist Patti Adank from University College London sheds light on the preference of English speakers for the melodious qualities of languages like French and Italian, contrasting them with the perceived harshness of tonal languages such as Thai or Mandarin.

As languages vie for supremacy in the attractiveness arena, a linguistic phenomenon unfolds on the shores of South Florida – the ascent of “Miami English.” 

Originating from the dynamic cultural mosaic of the region and popularized by Hispanic youth born in America, this evolving dialect seamlessly integrates English words into Spanish forms, reflecting the rich linguistic diversity of the area.

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