Home Lifestyle Kapil suggests collab with Nadir Ali, talks about Lahori roots | The Express Tribune

Kapil suggests collab with Nadir Ali, talks about Lahori roots | The Express Tribune

Kapil suggests collab with Nadir Ali, talks about Lahori roots | The Express Tribune


In a delightful telephonic exchange¬†that transcended borders, Indian comedian Kapil Sharma and Pakistani content creator Nadir Ali expressed their mutual admiration, with Kapil extending an inviting proposal for a collaboration. The heartwarming conversation ((shared on Nadir’s social media platforms) unfolded as Kapil conveyed his fondness for Nadir’s work and proposed the idea of joining forces for a show, envisioning the collaboration to take place in Dubai.

The camaraderie between the two comedians was evident from the outset, with Kapil expressing his admiration for Nadir’s skills and overall presentation on his show. “I like you a lot, Nadir. I was just watching your show. You speak very well, and conduct the show well too,” remarked Kapil, setting the stage for the exciting proposal.

“I want us to do a show together sometime. Let’s do this in Dubai,” Kapil proposed, showcasing his eagerness to collaborate across borders and bring a unique blend of humour to the audience. The suggestion of hosting the joint venture in Dubai added a touch of international flair to the prospect.

As the conversation unfolded, Kapil delved into his family roots, revealing a connection to Lahore. “I am basically from Amritsar,” said Kapil. “I know you’re from somewhere nearby, Lahore perhaps. Basically, my great grandfather or grandfather, they were from Lahore.” He went on to outline how other members of his family were also from Lahore. “My father was born in Amritsar in 1915. I have many memories attached to this.” The famed comic from across the border reiterated his love for Nadir, saying, “Bro, I truly like you a lot. Let’s meet one day in Dubai, Nadir.”

The proposition of a collaborative project in Dubai gained momentum, with Kapil extending an invitation for Nadir to participate in something special. The anticipation of a future meeting between the two comedians added to the excitement of potential joint ventures. Nadir confirmed the same, saying it was absolutely essential that the two meet. “We’ve made something nice, bro,” Kapil continued. “I want you to participate in it as well. Tell me, as soon as I go to Dubai, I will call you. This time, we’ll meet in Dubai.”

In a heartwarming gesture, Nadir requested Kapil to speak to his mother, who joined the conversation. Kapil graciously engaged with Nadir’s mother, receiving warm praises and prayers for his success. The exchange highlighted the cross-cultural appeal of comedy and the potential for collaborative endeavours that transcend geographical boundaries.

The conversation between Kapil and Nadir not only showcased the mutual respect and admiration between the two comedians but also fueled anticipation among fans for a potential collaboration that promises to bring laughter and entertainment on an international scale. 

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