King Charles news: William ‘upset’ at Harry’s ‘PR stunt’ as Kate update given

King doing ‘extremely well’ under circumstances, says Queen

The Prince of Wales is “upset” with his brother following his brief visit to see their father following his cancer diagnosis.

Following the news, Harry dashed to the UK to reunite with the King – but he reportedly spent less than an hour with the him before returning home to California the next day, having had no contact with his estranged brother Prince William.

Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine, told The Sun: “William would be upset that Harry yet again has chosen to make this visit to see his father a PR opportunity.”

Prince William has returned to royal duties after stepping back for several weeks to care for his wife after she underwent abdominal surgery.

Almost two weeks on from her hospital exit, the Mail Online reported that the mother-of-three has been able to join her family on a half-term holiday to Sandringham this week.

“Catherine is recovering well,” a friend told the paper. “She was looking forward to a change of scene and will be able to take it easy in Norfolk while the children let off steam with William.”


Harry’s visit ‘stirred the pot’

Prince Harry’s brief visit to the UK “stirred the pot” according to a royal expert.

The Duke of Sussex cleared his schedule to fly from California to visit his father in London after he was diagnosed with an unknown form of cancer.

The rushed visit sparked concerns about the severity of the King’s diagnosis.

Royal expert Robert Jobson told The Sun: “This is one of the reasons Charles probably didn’t want all the drama. The fact of Harry flying over does give the suggestion that his condition may be a lot worse than it actually may well be.

“I think a lot of people will be sitting there thinking, ‘Oh well, it must be bad because he’s on the plane’.

“Harry brings with him a certain drama. Will there be a reconciliation with William and the King? It stirs that whole pot.”


Athena Stavrou10 February 2024 15:45


Pictures: Royal engagements this week

The start of the week brought sad news regarding the King’s health as it was announced by Buckingham Palace that he was diagnosed with an unknown form of cancer.

However, the royal family has pulled together to take on more work as Charles steps back from public engagements.

Prince William, Queen Camilla, Prince Edward and Princess Anne all carried out official visits this week.

Prince William speaks with London Air Ambulance pilots


(Getty Images)

(Chris Jackson/PA Wire)

Athena Stavrou10 February 2024 15:15


Kate ‘recovering well’ from surgery

The Princess of Wales is reportedly on the mend and has been able to go on a half-term outing with her family following her abdominal surgery.

Kate spent 13 days recovering from her procedure in hospital before she retreated to her home at Adelaide Cottage in Windsor.

Almost two weeks on from her hospital exit, the Mail Online reported that the mother-of-three has been able to join her family on a half-term holiday to Sandringham this week.

“Catherine is recovering well,” a friend told the paper. “She was looking forward to a change of scene and will be able to take it easy in Norfolk while the children let off steam with William.”


Athena Stavrou10 February 2024 14:40


Charles’ illness fails to bring Harry and William together

The rift between the Prince of Wales and Duke of Sussex appears to be continuing, as the brothers failed to see eachother amid their father’s cancer diagnosis.

Harry flew thousands of miles from his Californian home to be at the King’s side within 24 hours of the news becoming public.

The Duke spent less than an hour with his father, but there was no meeting between the royal siblings on Tuesday.

Instead, Harry is likely to have spent time with his cousins Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie while in the UK, who have remained in contact.

The Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex are not understood to be in contact with each other (PA)

(PA Archive)

Athena Stavrou10 February 2024 14:00


Watch: King doing ‘extremely well’ under circumstances, says Queen

The Queen has described the King as doing “extremely well under the circumstances” following his cancer diagnosis, as she continued her royal duties on Thursday.

Camilla said her husband, who has undergone his first bout of cancer treatment earlier this week, was “very touched” by all the messages of support he has been receiving from the public.

Ben Abbott, 40, a critical care paramedic, said: “I do hope His Majesty is doing well Ma’am, we’re all really sad to hear the news.”

Camilla replied: “Well he’s doing extremely well under the circumstances, he’s very touched by all the letters and the messages the public have been sending from everywhere – that’s very cheering.”

King doing ‘extremely well’ under circumstances, says Queen Camilla

Athena Stavrou10 February 2024 13:30


Prince Harry slams ‘shockingly dishonest’ actions of Daily Mirror

The Duke of Sussex has said his case has uncovered the “shockingly dishonest way” the Daily Mirror acted “for so many years”, after settling the remaining parts of his phone hacking claim against the paper’s publisher.

Speaking outside the High Court on Friday, Harry’s barrister David Sherborne read a statement from the duke: “After our victory in December, Mirror Group have finally conceded the rest of my claim which would have consisted of another two trials, additional evidence, and 115 more articles.

“Everything we said was happening at Mirror Group was in fact happening, and indeed, far worse, as the court ruled in an extremely damaging judgment.

“As the judge has said only this morning, we have uncovered and proved the shockingly dishonest way in which the Mirror acted for so many years, and then sought to conceal the truth.”


Athena Stavrou10 February 2024 13:05


Inside Harry’s 26-hour flying visit to see Charles that lasted less than an hour

Prince Harry flew home to LA following a 26-hour visit to the UK that saw him reunite with his father for less than an hour after his shock cancer diagnosis.

The Duke of Sussex spent almost as much time in the air as he did in England, on what was his first visit to his homeland since September.

Read the full article here:

Athena Stavrou10 February 2024 12:00


MP diagnosed with cancer tells King ‘it’s not the end of the world’

An MP diagnosed with cancer has reassured the King medical advances mean “it isn’t the end of the world”.

Barry Sheerman said he was diagnosed with cancer “just after the last election” and initially thought “it was the end of the world”.

He told the Commons on Thursday: “When I first received my diagnosis for cancer just after the last election, I thought it was the end of the world and I would not be able to carry on with my job of representing the people of Huddersfield, and doing all the stuff that I love about being an active parliamentarian.”

But he said cancer treatment has “changed dramatically”.

He said: “The whole world for someone who is diagnosed with cancer is much brighter than it was. And I suppose in a way I want to send a message to His Majesty that it isn’t the end of the world.

“I have had a very active life since that diagnosis. I can still make myself a real pain … to the Speaker and the rest of my colleagues in the House of Commons.”

Athena Stavrou10 February 2024 11:30


Anne receives words of support for King and Kate during pony centre visit

The Princess Royal has acknowledged words of support for the King and Princess of Wales as she celebrated the 35th anniversary of a pony club.

Anne nodded and smiled as she was told, “We wish you and your family well at this time” by Sister Mary Joy Langdon, founder and chief executive of the Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre in west London that hosted the royal visit.

James Hick, chief executive officer of the British Horse Society (BHS) which supports the west London pony club, told Anne: “On behalf of all of us here I would also like to pass on our sincere thoughts to His Majesty the King at this time, and to your family.”

Mr Hick was by the Princess Royal’s side as she met young riders from west London and chatted to BHS staff and supporters of the Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre.

After the visit, he said about Anne: “I think she is always very grateful for our concerns and thoughts for her.

“She’s somebody who’s quite private with her thoughts as well, but equally she was grateful for all of us, and feels that love that we have for the family at a very important time.”

TV star Martin Clunes, who is patron of the Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre and BHS president, joined Anne for the tour of the centre.

He said after the visit: “She knew our thoughts were with the King, but I think this was a bit of relief – I imagine you guys, the press have been badgering her.”

(Getty Images)

Athena Stavrou10 February 2024 10:50


The woman Harry will be really turning to during his father’s cancer fight

A night in a London hotel, then he was back on a plane to the States, leaving the nation to wonder if those brief moments with the man he says he’ll “always love” were enough to begin repairing their fractured relationship.

After the turbulence of the last few years, with Harry quitting his royal role and making a slew of damaging allegations about his family, he certainly can’t turn to his brother, the Prince of Wales, for mutual comfort during this worrying time.

The pair are not believed to have spoken at all since Harry’s memoir Spare, in which he described William as his “arch nemesis”, was published.

Athena Stavrou10 February 2024 10:23

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