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Renowned Pakistani filmmaker Nabeel Qureshi has announced an exciting collaboration with Falcon Pictures for the upcoming Netflix series Tik Tik Nol. Nabeel shared his enthusiasm on Instagram, expressing pride in line producing three episodes in Pakistan alongside an outstanding Indonesian cast and crew.

Nabeel and Filmwala Pictures’ social media handles broke the news with a series of images from the sets of the venture. The penned caption alongside revealed, “Filmwala Pictures is thrilled to announce our collaboration with Falcon Pictures for the Netflix series, Tik Tik Nol!”

The caption continued to state, “Proud to have line-produced three episodes in Pakistan with an incredible Indonesian cast and crew. It’s been a journey of cultural exchange and showcasing the beauty of Pakistan. Filmwala Pictures is paving the way for more global filmmakers to explore Pakistan’s diverse landscapes.”

Filmwala Pictures, which Nabeel and Fizza Ali Meerza creatively head, claims the title of Pakistan’s first independent production house. It has garnered acclaim for its blockbuster, award-winning films. As per the production house’s website, the debut film, Na Maloom Afraad in 2014, set a precedent for independent production houses in Pakistan with significant box office success. The production house continued its success streak with hits like Actor in Law (2016) and Load Wedding (2018). 

In their 2018 film Load Wedding, Filmwala Pictures delved into the sensitive topic of the dowry system, prompting widespread attention. The film’s impact was so significant that within five months of its release, organizations like UN Women Pakistan initiated a campaign against dowry in Pakistan, according to the production house’s website. The website further outlines how the government of Pakistan passed a bill to ban dowry, showcasing the influence and societal change that Filmwala Pictures’ projects can instigate.

With the collaboration on the Netflix series Tik Tik Nol, Filmwala Pictures continues to push boundaries and explore new horizons. The series not only represents a cultural exchange between Pakistan and Indonesia but also serves as a testament to the production house’s commitment to showcasing the beauty of Pakistan on a global platform. 

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